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Thread: Stealth bar!

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    Stealth bar!

    Who wants to see one in WOD?

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    It would be ok I guess. As long as it does EVERYTHING other action bar addons do, otherwise it would just get dumped with the rest of blizzui hider addon.

    I use bartender, 5 minutes to set up on any toon, action bar paging switches automatically between all the forms and stealth
    Apply blizzards model to any other subscription service,you'd be outraged:
    Netflix adds no new movies for a year, you click a new movie, there's a $5 fee.
    You're in an accident, click your onstar button, but there's an addition $20 fee for them to help.
    You turn on your tv only to find all you get are the infomercial channels. Every other show is pay per view.
    See how dumb that model is?

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    Yeah they only lack one because the game has a fixed number of bars, surely they could fix it somehow.
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    it doesnt make sence to have a prowl bar whne we only have 2 prowling abilities
    itt would just lead to more hazzle for new players, as they got to set up 2 bars at the same time

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    I aint needed a stealth bar since vanilla so.. dont really need one now. Macros have always solved the issue for me :/

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    I think we SHOULD, but it wouldn't change my bars at all. I have both pounce and ravage on an action bar because of Incarnation.

    If Druids were to get more stealth specific abilities it'd be a definite, although this is unlikely with Blizzard cracking down on ability bloat. It would definitely make Feral more interesting in PvP if we were actually rewarded for catching restealths.

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    Lol, I thought this thread was going to be about something else.

    Like when you enter stealth, you get a bar and you can only stay in stealth for 10 seconds or whatever and then you need to wait for it to recharge.

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    We don't have a stealth bar? Hmm go figure, I've just always used bartender.

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    Ill have to look into bartender. I used it years ago but not on a druid.

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    No because macros:

    /cast [nomod,nostealth]asdf
    /cast [mod,nostealth]asdf
    /cast [nomod,stealth]asdf
    /cast [mod,stealth]asdf

    No need for bar switch lag...
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    Definitely not.
    Stealth bar for 2 spells that are often used out of stealth with set bonuses and under incarnation?

    It will take more time to rearrange spells on yet another bar than to write a primitive macro that will use different spells based on your stealth.

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    No thanks! I even use macro's to avoid the stealth bar on my Rogue cause of the darn bar switch lag.

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