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    PvP gear with the new gear system

    So from what I see, with PvE you have a chance when a gear piece drops to have an extra socket or tertiary stat etc, but will there also be something similar for PvP? I'm guessing that the sockets and tertiary stats will be a PvE only bonus kind of like warforged is now but I was just wondering if maybe any information was given about it that I may have missed.

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    Holinka mentioned this on twitter, saying that they are considering it or pve gear would be defacto better. Tertiary stats are so awful I'm hoping they drop the whole idea, but the bulk of the playerbase seems into gear that makes your healer gquit because they have the needed amount of avoidance to heal mythic whomever and the top guild on server needs them.

    Anyway, the devs are aware of it- I don't think the existence of tertiary will matter in pvp at all. They'll either turn the stats off in pvp, or give some other perk to pve gear. At least, based on their stated direction of pvp gear being actually worth playing with. It will apparently be between heroic and mythic in quality (so between regular and heroic by today's standards) of pvping in.

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