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    "Give the Gift of Warcraft" Phish Email warning

    Just showed up in my spam folder, but it's extremely well done. Basically they took the Siege of Orgrimmar Free Time email, extended it to 12/31/13, and added or replaced a button that goes to an illegitimate site.

    Never click a link for Blizzard-related tasks, always go to Battle.net and log in there to do what you need to do.

    You're not allowed to discuss conspiracy theories on mmo-champion, which makes me wonder what they're trying to hide.

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    Going to give this a bump as I just received this email today and nearly clicked it before I noticed the URL, be careful guys!
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    These kind of emails, where they modify a legitimate Blizzard email, have being going around for years. One of the easiest ways to spot them is the Blizzard email will have the name on your battlenet account after the word Greetings the phishing mails do not.

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    Think I have gotten afew of these, but I've not opened them, so I wouldn't know, but thank you for the warning anyway
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