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    Picking a class

    Hello everyone, so after just being off and on and really not playing WoW for a few years, I decided to come back for WoD. However, I'm struggling on picking a class. I already got a Warrior in the works, but I want a ranged. I have only ever tanked / heal'd in a MMO, been doing it for YEARS, it's just me. This time I want to mix it up with a ranged dps so I'm just back and forth between Warlock, Mage, and Ele Shaman. I make all 3 level em, bounce back and forth but just cannot pick one lol. Been watching a lot of gameplay / streams of each and seeing what's up with em an etc, just figured I'd try to snatch some opinions off a forum post. What's your personal opinion between Ele Sham, Warlock and Mage? I'm very big in both PvE and PvP and I cannot decide which I feel would be more enjoyable in both scenario's. Between work and my terrible life, I don't have a lot of time to be bouncing between a bunch of alts and yada yada yada, so I'm just gonna roll with my Warrior and one of these...

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    I'm sorry but we don't allow choose my class threads. The choice is yours to make. You're welcome to use our class forums to research the classes you're interested in.

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