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    Aww I pissed off poor Zalik by taking Frostfire Gloves from him off the AH.

    If you're going to come to Stormrage, don't expect to be the only people on the server. This is a horrible realm and you chose poorly, vodkaz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneSent View Post
    I see Grafarion finally decided to come out of the woodwork.

    This vodka reincarnation will end the same way Nihilum did when Kungen tried to bring it back for MoP; A guild is more than just a name. No Killars? Landsoul? Acrylic? Kinaesthesia? Tigerlady? Good luck.

    Without even half of it's original roster, the vodka hype will be short-lived.
    Rofl, losing Killars and Landsoul is an improvement they'll wipe half as many times to easily avoidable mechanics now.

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    I guess everyone has different interpretations of 'casual'. I don't tie the term to hours played but apply it more to commitment. To me, when you commit to other players that you're going to be in game five days a week for five hours, that's hardcore. However, if you play the same amount of time but could just as easily be doing something else and it not affect anyone, that's casual.

    There's nothing wrong with either style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kakera View Post
    Not going to lie or troll you, but if you honestly sit there and watch their streams just to laugh at how bad they are and how they rage then I'd say you're even more pathetic than they are. Holy shit dude.
    I'm pathetic for having a good laugh?

    Sounds like somebody is a little upset and is projecting a bit too much.

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