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    Aff/Destro Mastery and pets

    Tried to find an existing thread this would fit in but didn't see one, so apologies if there is (manually checked first 10 pages ... search function had a bunch of bizarre results)

    Anyway, I saw the front-page post about the question Celestalon responded to re: pets and Multistrike. (https://twitter.com/Celestalon/statu...00340223782912).

    So, pets will benefit from all the new tertiary stats. I asked what about Mastery for Destro/Aff pets. He asked what the problem of Destro/Aff pets not benefiting from Mastery is, and I said there's no problem if it's balanced around but that it feels counter-intuitive (as in, why it's the only stat that doesn't make their pets more powerful) and that it's odd to jump over an existing secondary stat to make a new tertiary stat work for pets (rather than just balancing around them not benefiting from Multistrike).

    What say y'all ?

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    Well I generally don't like responding to own threads before anyone else has, but I've continued the conversation with Celestalon:

    Someone else asked about Mastery synergizing with GoSac and not Sup/Serv, and I mentioned that maybe GoSac wouldn't need to get as nerfed each tier if Mastery kept up with Sup/Serv, and he said they're hoping to address this in 6.0.

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    Like you said, its not an issue so long as its balanced and accounted for. I guess for Destruction though they could gain from the lower value for the non ember spells though and/or maybe bring back Destructive influence in some form. Not sure if Aff needs or how it would apply, maybe extra Nightfall procs from pet attacks. Think that might be more interesting than just scaling better.

    Just wish they'd sort out multistrike to work with pets on live now rather than wait for WoD.
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