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    That second place video was freakin' vicious on my soul.

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    How the hell did that puppet video win 1st place?! It was awful, I couldn't watch more than a minute of it.

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    Wow the feels. Garrosh just thought he was doing what was right for the Horde. Did he become a huge fascist asshole? Yes he did, but he thought the trolls had betrayed him for not following his orders, in true Orc fashion (obey your warchief without question).

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    I feel sorry for everyone who is so soft in the head this video made them feel sorry for Garrosh.

    You would basically have to re-write WotLK, Cat and MoP to get that version of Garrosh. The actual Garrosh was basically an evil, friendless asshole from start to finish.

    Still a well made video, tho.

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    Why bother wasting time with a rewrite of the grouping system? oQueue is working fine for the pseudo elitist ragers and OpenRaid works best for planned raids - with the added bonus of allowing a truthful rating system. Anything they design will be a light system of oQueue, be abused, and make most wonder why they queue for that stuff anyhow.

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    Wow...that video was really well done. So sad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lastlivingsoul View Post
    Video is garbage. I now know what sociopaths do in their time off.

    When Garrosh was never smart, well liked by anyone and started more fights than he prevented. I could waste my time retelling why Garrosh is an example of an arrogant egotistical a-hole whose parades around where ever he goes with his Dad's accomplishments on his shoulders. Its a sign of a sick community that expects admiration to a spoiled brat like Garrosh.
    You must be loads of fun to hang out with.

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    That video gave Garrosh more depth in 4 minutes than Blizzard could across 4 expansions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psiclonus View Post
    That video gave Garrosh more depth in 4 minutes than Blizzard could across 4 expansions.
    Totally agree. I'd feel pretty bad at if I worked at blizz to see a video that shows more character in 3 min that Garrosh got from BC to now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idoru View Post
    f. All music featured in the Movie must either be the entrant’s original musical composition and performance, or music from a Blizzard product;
    Anyway is that even fair considering that there is one ticket per winner and it is made by a whole frelling group of people? Is there even a chance for a solo contestant to win this? I mean it is not a music by the entrant unless they deem the whole "AFK Players" group as an entrant. And this is BS imho.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aimee03 View Post
    this should've been 1st place... to make a machinima using wow model viewer etc. is harder than to record a silly puppet video. maybe it's just me, but that's how I see it.
    Indeed so. Not just you, anyone who has tried to make a machinima post-Cata. State of movie-making tools is rather screwed up - no updates, people drop supporting projects, patches come out and tools stop working. Not to mention how much work would it take one to arrange and shoot a proper scene, even finding working tools with enough possibility for shooting is hard.

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