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    8/14 heroic, what next?

    So my guild killed heroic shamans and bashful last night, and are trying to decide what to do next. We were going to do malkorok but we have heard that spoils is fairly easy. Any advise on what to kill next?

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    Malkorok is a bit more fiddly due to the orbs that spawn, but Spoils is a tight DPS check until you're pretty well geared.

    Personally, I'd advise just going linear from where you are onwards. Certainly felt like difficulty ramped up from boss to boss after Nazgrim when we were progressing through it.... currently stuck at the wall that is Siegecrafter!
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    Linear progression straight onwards is the way to go, my friend. You'll thank yourself later for not having to deal with the decision of switching to normal early to get your rekill on a heroic boss that comes afterwards, anyways.

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    Go malkorok. With the gear it is a pure mechanics check, but still really challenging.
    Spoils on the other hand is quite the insane dps check first time.

    My guild spent more pure wipes on Malkorok, but spoils felt harder. Don't skip, it will hurt you.

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    Indeed, the raid is actually good with what order to do bosses in as its pretty much straight forward, Malkorok is fairly easy if your raid can be aware of what goes on around them.

    PS: AG On the pull.

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    Malkorok is fairly easy compared to Spoils imho. Malkorok is just
    - healers with a UI showing them the barriers
    - soaking puddles
    - don't stand in orbs & soak enough during blood rage
    Because it's a tight enrage @6min or somethin you don't have long progress times. Once you've completely survived a blood rage and got your shields up again it's just rinse and repeat. The key to a kill is soaking EVERY puddle, while soaking orbs is important but not as mandatory as puddles.

    Spoils therefore have a very tight DPS check and depending on the healing class you have it can be also hard to heal. Every grp has a different approach when to open which boxes, and both grps need to execute it fairly decent to make it work. We had <20 tries for Malkorok and ~35-40 on Spoils. Thok will be the first real challenge, tho after 8/14 it starts to get harder now.

    Hint for spoils: if your grps have learned their quadrant, just switch the starting quadrant so you don't have to progress the first shit for every try.
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    Malkorok hands down, spoils for the first time was not fun. It gets worse and worse past spoils though.

    Good luck!

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    I fucking hated heroic spoils. Go mal and save yourself some facedesking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lighto73 View Post
    So my guild killed heroic shamans and bashful last night, and are trying to decide what to do next. We were going to do malkorok but we have heard that spoils is fairly easy. Any advise on what to kill next?
    Malk for sure, Especially if you have a monk tank or two druids to stampede off the debuffs in p2. Spoils is a simple gear check, so if you have been progressing steadily and the group is all geared similar to you, both fights should be fairly straight forward.

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    25 or 10? I can only speak for 25 experience.

    Malkorok is a derp check. The dps check is not terribly punishing. Monk tank makes Blood Rage lawls. You will have many facepalms, with good attempts ruined by one missed soak.

    Spoils is 90% gear check, 10% do you understand how to open the boxes in the proper sequence check (of which there are many orders to open boxes that work).

    All in all I have been very impressed with the ramp-up through these last few heroics. My advice is to definitly keep progressing in order. Malk is easier than spoils in a different way than spoils is easier than Thok. Then you reach Blackfuse.....oh the pain. I'm thinking a kill is imminent, though another 75 to 100 attempts would not surprise me. GL man.

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    Having killed Malkorok and working on spoils (~15 pulls and as good as dead), I can only say it's all about the personal abilities of the players in your raid. Malkorok is a complete nightmare if just one person does a mistake somewhere. The breath always kills, running through an orb and then soaking a void always kills, accidentally getting hit by blood rage always kills, soaking too many orbs can kill people, a void going through will kill anyone who took a void at the same time. If a ranged dies, people will have to take over soaking that person's void (which will likely go wrong). Malkorok has almost no room for error. Bluntly said, if you perfectly soak voids and don't accidentally eat orbs, Malkorok is easier than Immerseus normal. But one single major mistake or death will most likely cause a wipe.

    Spoils on the other hand is just like running normal spoils with 530 gear. Where malkorok is a mechanics check, spoils is a gear check, nothing else. The differences in mechanics are miniscule and not really comparable to Malkorok.

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