View Poll Results: How long have you raided for and do you still raid?

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  • Raided since Vanilla, still raid.

    45 26.63%
  • Raided since TBC, still raid

    36 21.30%
  • Raided since WOTLK, still raid

    26 15.38%
  • Raided since Cata, still raid

    5 2.96%
  • Raided in MoP, still raid

    2 1.18%
  • Started raiding in vanilla, no longer raid

    28 16.57%
  • Started raiding in TBC, no longer raid

    12 7.10%
  • Started raiding in WOTLK, no longer raid

    11 6.51%
  • Started raiding in Cata, no longer raid

    4 2.37%
  • Started raiding in MoP, no longer raid

    0 0%
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    Do you still raid (normal/heroic) and how long have you raided for?


    So I am actually interested in how long many players have been raiding, or if people still bother, particularly the older players. Personally I raided from vanilla-->Early Cata, and since then i've lost the drive to get into real raiding, I guess it's the whole "been there done that kind of thing".

    So I was wondering if other people are the same and eventually grew bored of organised raiding, or if people still raid after long periods of time?

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    Semi Hardcore raider since the beginning. Guild recently fell apart at 11/14 H couple days ago so I guess that makes me no longer a raider.

    Might try and find a new guild but IDK. Might just unsub until WoD.

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    I was pretty hardcore from Kara to ICC (3-4 nights a week, top 5 guild on server, etc). Skipped most of Cata (killed one boss in BoT one time). I just came back a few weeks ago, I pretty much just do old stuff now. Solo old raids, work on achievements, etc. Once in a while I run LFR.

    I plan on getting back into the whole thing for WoD.

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    Started at the end of BC and got really into it during Wrath. Starting in Cata I needed to spend less time in game so now I only do 7.5 hrs a week which is enough to do some heroics but generally not clear on heroic.

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    I was raiding from TBC expansion then 3 first raids in Mop then my guild broke up and I took a break from game, now leveling my boomkin waiting for WoD. Im not interested in raiding/finding new guild for this expansion LFR seems enough for me, in new exp I will be raiding again for sure.

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    I started raiding in TBC, raided straight on through to MoP, though I did change guilds twice and my focus did shift from 25 to 10. Never any hardcore raiding, but we did have two raid nights a week.

    If I were still playing however I would not be raiding as my schedule does not permit it.
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    Raided since Vanilla, my only real break was in Cataclysm, partly due to SWTOR and being burnt out. I still managed to do most T11 and T12 Heroics, but I never stepped foot into DS normal when it was current. Note that I quit in T11 and I was basically boosted in Firelands as the guild had already cleared it and were ahead of me in gear.

    Back raiding in MoP and loving it.

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    I started in Vanilla, and was raiding 20 hours a week until Uld - at which point i went down to 10.

    My final raid was Firelands, got a couple of shots at raggy before calling it a day on raiding, lost the motivation and a lot of the people i raided with for years started dropping off, sad to see that my guild has now disbanded after raiding for 6 years.

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    first one for me - raid since classic, still do raids now.

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    Raided a ton in Wrath - several nights a week, and several hours at a time, once I started Naxx.

    No longer raid, haven't touched any raids in Cata or MoP. Leveling some alts and looking forward to WoD..we'll see what the future brings.

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    Only real reason I play so.....

    Raided since Vanilla, still raid.

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    Started raiding Kara a few months into TBC. I've been raiding semi-casually on-an-off depending on guild drama and burnout since.

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    Raided since Vanilla, still raid 3x3 hours a week.

    It's the only thing I still do ingame so...
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    Raided hardcore since Vanilla, sometimes 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Stopped raiding halfway WotLK when the raid TotC was so bad I just threw my towel in the ring after the shit of them recycling Naxxramas earlier in the expansion.
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    Started playing at the end of BC, and started raiding in Wrath. I've been on/lead raid teams ever since. Getting together with the same group of people to down content every week is what keeps me playing this game.

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    Seems like everyone was a hardcore raider since the start of classic WoW. I hate to call it vanilla, it really rubs me the wrong way, lol.

    Not sure if all of it is 100% true or some people are just lying so they can show off to others how 1337 they are, cause you where there since the beginning, y'know.

    I played WoW for the first time at the end of WotLK, close to the start of Cataclysm. Began with a Dwarf warrior, eventually a Death Knight (both of them were deleted long ago). Decided to level a new Dwarf Warrior around patch 4.0 or 4.1. Don't exactly remember. I was thrown into the game like I have never experienced before. Played a lot, many hours a day. Eventually got into raiding. I worked my way all the way up and was part of a raid team throughout patch 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3. No heroics, just normal raids. Was in the same guild for years, had two 10-man raid teams... until it all went to shit due to guild drama. Such a great and successful guild... gone in a matter of days.

    I took a long break mid-way through Dragon Soul (that's when the guild drama started). Did some normal DS progress at the start of the patch, but after a while the guild got disbanded and I took a long break until MoP came out. I decided to try out MoP, bought it and re-subbed. The first guild I joined, had my old GM in it, and before I knew it, I was introduced to the new guild and became a raider... again. MSV progress a little bit, but didn't last long due to guild drama as well. The irony.

    Eventually me, the GM, and some other raiders who knew each other for a couple of years, formed our own casual raiding guild. Was pretty fun, had a 10-man raid team going. A little bit of ToT progression... but it turned out pretty bad. Couldn't get furtherer than 3/12 and the guild died in a matter of days due to drama.

    I'm 100% DONE with normal raiding, progression raiding, whatever you want to call it. Too much stress for me to handle. I have no idea how hardcore heroic raiders can keep up with life and the pressure. But for me, I'm fed up with the fucking drama and rage that happens when you fail to kill a boss. And I don't wait that raiding affects my real life too much, that is what happened back in Cataclysm. Raiding interfered with my real life a little bit, and it sucked.

    Occasionally do LFR, and flex every sunday evening, but that's it. Voted for "Started raiding in Cata, no longer raid" nevertheless.
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    First raid on vanilla
    Started raiding on TBC
    Stopped raiding on the first tier of Cataclysm.

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    Started raiding in Vanilla - slowed down considerably late cata and finally stopped organized raiding part way through Firelands. I just don't have the time to devote to it right now, combined with either needing to transfer off my current server/wait for a realm 'merge' (Server is well...dead)

    I probably would get back into it if the stars aligned, but right now LFR is plenty for me!

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    Started in classic around the tail end of MC. Stopped at Al'akir in Cata. Basically the guild I was with since TBC had finally fallen, after a small "Break" between Ulduar and ICC. Being in an officer role had taken it's's very frustrating to get people who sign up to log on, or to set aside plans so you can raid only to not have enough log on to add to that is when you have people on your friends list on steam. Then seeing people who were "busy with IRL" stuff sign on to vent say they can't make it then start playing Civ V on steam.


    It got old that Myself and 3 others could actually show up during the time we said, then it was like pulling teeth to get people just to log on to vent...then having to play my hunter because we had poop ranged. It just became more work than it was worth...I don't envy guild leaders, I was just an officer who tried to set up raids and manage a forum of a small guild and it burnt me out.

    I did try to get into a more active raiding guild during the WotLK break, but the "interview" process was just a job interview. Literally, I had to schedule an appointment to talk to the GL and Ranged officer. Answer questions that you would find on a job interview just wow related. Do a trial where, a friend told me what was said on the forums. Apparently I was doing the wrong rotation by using arcane shot as a filler BUT doing more damage then I should with my gear level which so...wrong rotation but high damage output then I should be at this ilvl...this was bad? I guess.

    IN Cata I attempted to come back to raiding during firelands (to this day haven't killed Al'akir) when a friend had another guild on another server looking to raid. I think we went into FL twice. Since I haven't done any "raiding" except LFR.

    I don't know I just don't care enough anymore, when I get that itch though I remember the stress of setting up raids or even showing up to a raid and being one of 4 people who show up to a waste of time and the itch goes away.

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    Do flex now and then, used to be EU first progress raider from vanilla to bc.
    mop content is just boring and a filler expansion for something cool.

    so don't raid anymore

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