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    As a H10 group - Roll, with haggling permitted (e.g. 'I'll pass the first 1h to you if you pass the second to me' or 'this isn't my preferred off-tier piece but it is yours, so i'll pass to you')

    I believe our other H10 is using loot council currently, although they might just be using roll too.

    We were a H25 guild prior to MoP & used a slightly unusual implementation of EPGP (33% decay & and EP per raid hour being the main features). It worked well as an egalitarian distribution system. We'd been through a lot of variations of DKP/EPGP since TBC and found that one to be best.

    When we shift to mythic, we'll either swap back to the EPGP system or we'll swap to a loot council system (one that includes a player created wish-list). We haven't decided if we want to go with the egalitarianism of EPGP or the focused-distribution of loot council yet. There are positives & negatives to both.
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    I used to be apart of a 11/14 H guild before it fell apart(loot was not the reason it fell apart btw) and we never really had a loot system. Most of the Raid members who need it just work it out with each other and decide who it will most benefit the raid. We were all a friendly mature team so there was rarely any drama about loot. We don't even run with master loot unless we have a pug in the group. If your raiders are mature and determined enough then they can work it out without a loot system.

    Loot council and all that nonsense are really only needed when you have a bunch of loot hungry raiders in your group.
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    Sadly dkp.

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    The guild that I raid with uses DKP. Our GM/officer core finds that that is the most fair and unbiased way (in our/their opinions) to handle loot. Everyone in the guild is pretty good about talking amongst themselves and making sure that things don't get out of control with "oh oh it's shiny" syndrome so it works very well.

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    Loot council all the way.

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    10 HC guild here - suicide kings with occasional loot council for weapons/trinkets to ensure people dont pass on possible upgrades and then all best shinies would go to one person who passed on 10 other possible upgrades in process - works like magic

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    We use loot council which works out pretty well. Loot council can have it issues though.

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    Standard roll assuming that the item is actually useful for the raider.

    Occasionally calls will be made on prioritising major upgrades over minor upgrades (example: 40 ilvl upgrade for one and 6 for other) but those are generally agreed on by the rolling members as well.

    This system only really works in a tight knit 10 man outfit though.

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    Loot council, officer discretion based on upgrade disparity and attendance.

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