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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazroshka View Post
    You should send these to Chris Robinson's twitter. I reckon he'd appreciate them and who knows, could inspire 'em!

    His twitter:
    I don't have twitter, someone tweet him for me lol. :P

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    I would totally change my Gnome to a Mechagnome-hybrid (whatever that last one was )

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    Oh god I want a brown orc and frost dwarf so bad. Blizzard PLEASE.
    "If I didn't have bad luck I'd have no luck at all."

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    Hell of a job OP. Those would be simple changes Blizzard could make to make this expansion just a little more exciting.

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    If anyone has any requests, I'll gladly give it a shot! I'm using this as an excuse to practise Photoshop so anything helps

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    They should really add some of these! Looks awesome!

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    So awesome.
    If you like my draw-rings.
    If you can't find them for some reason beyond that page.
    WOW screenshot and concept art gallery

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post
    If anyone has any requests, I'll gladly give it a shot! I'm using this as an excuse to practise Photoshop so anything helps
    Leper Gnome? :3

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    Loving the designs, though the mag'har orc looks a little bit too dark in the shadowed parts. Don't know if it's a design choice or a limitation of PS, but regardless it's a very good job.

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    There are also Earthen Dwarves with free will in the Alliance now. Not sure about the iron dwarves.
    If you'd like to get into expanded customization too, Night Elf tattoos on males are also needed. The questline NPC spirit on Teldrassil at each Moonwell for instance telling you the history of the Kaldorei. However there are no images of the updated Night Elf model yet, so nothing for you to photoshop. Maybe something for when they do get a preview.

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    If you like my draw-rings.
    If you can't find them for some reason beyond that page.
    WOW screenshot and concept art gallery

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    I wanna be the clockwork-ish gnome!

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    So this one was interesting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post
    So this one was interesting...
    Is that a leaked image of the new human model!?!?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vren View Post
    Do want Grimtotem Exile Tauren!

    ugh...what is with that orc's face in your avatar??? like why is he smiling like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    these are some of the things i would use as sub races.

    human - dont know. maybe just more customization options to make up for the lack of no sub race
    orc- mok'nathal
    tauren - taunka
    worgen - maybe night elf worgen look a bit different than human worgen
    goblins - hobgoblins
    dwarves - earthen
    forsaken - undead elves or perhaps leper gnomes
    night elves - dark trolls or high elves
    blood elves - felblood elves maybe, or maybe wretched
    draenei - broken
    pandaren - furbolg or more customization like tails for male pandaren or something
    troll - maybe forest trolls or maybe depending on how lore goes in the future some upright zandalari trolls

    new skin options and things like tattoos and stuff are cool and should be added but if they were what we got as sub races i would be disappointed since there are better ways to implement them.
    mok'nathal are not orcs. They are half orcs halv ogres. They'd require their own model. Maghar/blackrock orcs would be more likely
    Night elf worgen? How? Were there night elves in Gilneas when the curse spread? If not, how? The worgen from the Scythe of Elune-tale were never "civilized" they were beasts and nothing less.
    hobgoblins...what the fuck? They are as big as ogres? Why not gelbins instead then? Hobgoblins are like 8 times as big as a goblin and share nothing with the goblins except the name. They are stupid big loafs used by the goblins.
    Dark trolls or high elves? What the fuck? Highborne are the only ones likely to be playable for the night elves. Dark trolls? No? The link between the trolls and the night elves are not yet 100 % confirmed and just giving them "dark trolls" as a sub race makes no sense atm
    Pandaren and furbolgs? lel... What are their common trait/link? They are two furry animals that run on two legs. Could just as well let orcs subrace as ogres then...

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    Those look great, awesome work - definitely would want to see in game.

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    Nice work OP, really nice.

    As for new models or new textures, personally, I'd be perfectly happy with just more textures, even just that adds far more options to the game, I'd love to see in Stormwind, multiple dwarfs of different clans and so on, it's almost impossible to be unique in WoW, but these would help that little bit.

    I'd be happy in-fact if we stopped at level 100 and started down a new path of unlocking sub-races, or race specializations and so on rather than levelling, pretty much path of the titans kind of thing, some new form of progression that actually unlocks things other than a new spell or a couple passives, or intertwined with levelling I guess.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PepperjackJig View Post
    Is that a leaked image of the new human model!?!?
    More like a photoshopped face of the new Undead model.

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    These look absolutely fantastic.

    And considering they're simple skin changes they could very easily be implemented onto the new models.
    Vereesa formerly of Paragon and Depraved

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    what the hell is the point of sub races if all it is are tattoos and brown skin.
    Because some people actually care about the tattoos and brown skin? I'd change my Orc warrior to Mag'har in a heartbeat.

    And implementing this as an option is a day's work at most. But since some people won't ever be satisfied (you in this example) we won't get it anytime soon.

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