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    If you add more meat on the cheeks of the undead it would look like an actual human model in the end.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laukkanen View Post
    mok'nathal are not orcs. They are half orcs halv ogres. They'd require their own model. Maghar/blackrock orcs would be more likely
    Night elf worgen? How? Were there night elves in Gilneas when the curse spread? If not, how? The worgen from the Scythe of Elune-tale were never "civilized" they were beasts and nothing less.
    hobgoblins...what the fuck? They are as big as ogres? Why not gelbins instead then? Hobgoblins are like 8 times as big as a goblin and share nothing with the goblins except the name. They are stupid big loafs used by the goblins.
    Dark trolls or high elves? What the fuck? Highborne are the only ones likely to be playable for the night elves. Dark trolls? No? The link between the trolls and the night elves are not yet 100 % confirmed and just giving them "dark trolls" as a sub race makes no sense atm
    Pandaren and furbolgs? lel... What are their common trait/link? They are two furry animals that run on two legs. Could just as well let orcs subrace as ogres then...
    nobody said mok'nathal are orcs but they are a sub species of orcs
    there were plenty of night elf worgen who followed alpha prime in gilneas but thats beside the point sub races dont need to literally come from the starting zone in lore
    hobgoblins are goblins that have been experimented on by other goblins so i dont see how you think ogres would be better since ogres arent related at all

    there are dark trolls who fought for the alliance and the link has been 100% confirmed. blizzard said most of them were wiped out when the twilight cultists invaded hyjal but a couple could be left, night elves are dark trolls that have evolved from the well of eternity just like how jinyu are murlocs who evolved out of the vale, they could make dark trolls look like an inbetween of the trolls we see now and night elves, imagine night elves with small tusks and slighty rough features, maybe the ears are slightly slanted in a different position.

    furbolgs and pandaren are probably the least likely since furbolg could be their own race but there are furbolg aligned with the alliance and the pandaren are likely furbolg mutated by the vales waters or tampered with by the mogu

    sub races dont have to literally come from the starting zone, you dont need to see furbolgs in the pandaren starting zone as npc thats just game mechanics, obviously not all humans are raised in elwyn you could roleplay as a human from theramore, or dalaran, or darkshire.

    we would likely have sub races unlocked from some type of quest chain or be on the blizzstore or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post
    So this one was interesting...
    Reminds me of Danny Trejo.

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    I like everything but male human face, it looks... strange? Probably because it's just undead head with a skin on it.
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    I like the gnome the most, but that human face is creepy as hell.

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    Yeah, the unundead human uses some random guys hair from google images so thats probably why he is so creepy lol. And his facial hair and eyebrows are literally drawn on with a brush... and his eyes are the fem dwarf eyes scaled down... and his skin is... pasty.... lmao

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    So you want to do a Leper Gnome of the female or the male?

    Also I think it would be nice to see that dark grey skin for a orc. :P

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    Simple solution to High Elf unbalancing factions (even though it won't and who cares if it does. Just put an equally sought-after race in the horde) would be to make these subrace skins something you buy from the in-game shop? I wouldn't mind paying for something that by all rights should have been put into the game a long time ago if it means it gets into the game at all.
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    Holy sh** OP

    Those are amazing, magnificent, you are truly skilled with photoshop.

    I love all of them, but the female dwarf (Wildhammer) and dark iron dwarf are too awesome

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    If we get frost dwarves I'll actually play ally.

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    I love the robo gnome

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    Orcs: Brown orcs (Mag'har) joined back in BC, Garrosh and Aggra and tons of orcs in SoO are proof enough, some Blackrock and Dragonmaw (grey) orcs joined the horde too (Malkorok, Zaela), the fel orcs (red ones) are the ones I want the most, but the lore doesn't help with this, I wish Kosak could do something to make them join the Horde, since they look really awesome with those spikes.

    Tauren: Taunka, Grimtotem and if the lore allows it, Yaungol (We helped the Yaungol a couple of times)

    Dwarves : Wildhammer dwarves, Dark Iron dwarves (They've been part of the alliance for quite some time now), the Earthen and the Frostborn (both in Northrend)

    Trolls: Revantusk tribe (Green Trolls) and let us play bulky trolls like Kaz from Throne of Thunder.

    Undead: Zombie goblins!

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    Well there are a couple of red orcs at the Dark Portal.
    Probably they got sun burnt? :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post

    Let me know what you think!
    Oh god! Kill it with fire! Put it out of its misery!

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    Everyone's been waiting for the Leper Gnome, well here she is!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shoc View Post
    Everyone's been waiting for the Leper Gnome, well here she is!
    Oh damn son!
    I love those features you gave the Leper Gnome. :3
    For the Horde!

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    Sand trolls
    I really wanted to look like this in WoD....
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    Scholo white skin and tattoos for Humans while you're at it, even though it will never happen. And likely shouldn't happen, I can't see that it'd make sense. I'd just like some actually pale skin on the Humans. And a real ebony skin tone while they're at it too.

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    Grimtotem looks briliant! Great job with others as well.

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    I would really just rather get a few new skintones like shown in this post instead of practically whole new races with racials and all like some people are wanting... and honestly I don't think many races should get them. The only ones I can really see that -need- to be there as of this moment in WoW are Dark Iron, Wildhammer, Mag'har, Dragonmaw, and Grimtotem.

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