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    Combat without AoC?

    Looking for a bit of advice. I've been trying to get AoC for ages so I can switch to Combat but so far I've had no luck. In my Assassination spec I have a 561 dagger and a 530 dagger, however I just got the heirloom axe from Garrosh. So I'm just wondering if it's worth it to switch to Combat with the heirloom axe + the 561 dagger (or I also have a 553 sword or first I can upgrade for offhand), or do I really need AoC despite the fact that my Combat weapons are much stronger?

    My character is Iriselle on Draenor-EU for reference.

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    If you have a possibility roll for Combat. It scales pretty well with weapon damage even with having 561 off-hand dagger.

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    Axe is good for Combat, but is till prefer Assassin for a rogue in PvE. The ability to keep up Slice and Dice is really good and saves energy

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    I guess my question is just if I *should* use Combat without Assurance of Consequence when my Combat weapons are better than my Assass ones? I'm totally comfortable with both specs and can play them equally well, so I just want to play whichever one will end up producing the most dps.

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    yeah play combat, most of the soo fights favour blade flurry anyway.

    Mut is dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aspectsftw View Post
    Mut is dead
    This is an example of personal opinion that won't really help the OP.

    OP - grab a combat spec (you have one, good) and try it out. Anywhere you can cleave a reasonable, combat should be ahead. Anywhere you can't... do personal testing. AoC does a lot for combat, but it's not a simple on/off switch, either. How well you play each spec, of course, matters. With gear very close in average ilevel to weapons, no spec should stand out. Despite combat's lack of AOC, it may hold advantage for the ilevel gain.

    Otherwise, throw your character into SimulationCraft in Assass and in Combat, and find out what your results seem to show.

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