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    Holy Priest starting heroics

    Hi there fellow holy priests

    My guild has just downed Garrosh and will be moving on to heroics. I'm in 25man guild. Would you be so kind and give me some pointers on what to expect as holy in heroics in SoO and what stat changes to make if any. I am currently concentrating on stacking Int>mastery>crit>haste, no longer felt the need to take on more spirit as I was sitting comfortably at 13k during normal SoO and it was more than enough. Any input much appreciated as Holy doesn't seem to be discussed much on web when I tried to find some tips. Thanks

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    is there really that few holy priests about?

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    for HC progress your going to want 16-20k spi at least because on many fights you will be hard on mana, even if you have 2 mana tides and at least 1 more priest in the raid, you will need a disc or at least a holy pally for dark shamans though if you dont have those in the raid for the absorbs.

    Main thing for hcs is prior knowledge of incoming damage so you know when much healing is needed or not but i doubt 13k spi will be enough to progress, may be ok for farming but not for progress assuming your at least 560 ilvl or around that.

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    Thanks for your reply, it's very helpful. Yeah I'm at 561 ilvl currently

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    20k is a bit high. I think I ran 17k and was plenty fine and it allowed me to do spot healing with Flash Heal when needed. Crit is good when you get the trinket off of Sha

    Here's the breakdown of 90 tals I used

    Immerseus: Cascade - do this during puddles and then almost on cooldown (it should line up with the spread out add phase)

    Norushen: Divine Star - you have enough time as well to swap to Serenity when you go down and swap back to Sanc when you're up

    Protectors: Divine Star - you can almost use this on CD - track the cast bar for Calamity so you can use it right when it goes out

    Sha: Halo - use it during the big bursty thing.. can't think of the name right now lol - I set BigWigs to emphasize it and then run into middle and halo 1 sec before it goes off

    Galkaras: Divine Star - there isn't much healing at the start of the fight but it's good for the end

    Iron Jug: Cascade - I nearly use this on CD and it lines up with the shock waves (or whatever they are called)

    Dark Shaman: Divine Star

    Naz'grim: Cascade

    Malkorok: Halo - has such good healing if you use it from the center of the room. make sure you're tracking the timer for the knock up though or else you risk knocking up the melee (too many babies that would be born from that :P) - again, I use BW emphasize to count down

    Spoils: Divine Star (but I played Disc on this fight as the DPS really helps and there isn't much healing most of the time)

    Siegecrafter: Divine Star (and use Lightwell by the tube where the belt people go in, glyphed Lightwell)

    Thok: Divine Star - use it on the first roar and then on CD (but after a roar goes out) thereafter

    Paragons: Cascade - most of the fight you're so spread out but again, Disc OP here

    Garrosh: Divine Star - Disc here too :/
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