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    [Boomkin]Heroic Thok help

    well i do hate to make a new thread asking for help when thers already so many boomy threads, but seeing as my request for help on sunfyre's thread received no replies, im hoping ill get a bit more feedback this time.

    so basicly i have never played boomkin for real on any heroic content, started gathering gear for it for real only now during soo, and its the first times im actually playing as a boomkin. i have read pretty much about anything that i could have rotation related and such.

    what i want to ask is, for any tips specially thok related about your dps strategies since its bloody anoying to try and dps with his screech constantly going on

    as such as, is it worth refreshing moon/sun fire when hes casting his crap, also would love to get a tip on the strongest possible opener assuming im already at the position and do not need to move at all since the pull timer.

    armory - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...azken/advanced

    logs from last raid - http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/3...pes&boss=71529

    any and all tips regarding gear, rotation, or just general information which i might have missed, will be greatly apreciated!

    forgot to mention, i went at the start with hotw for a stronger tranq, and then switched to nv which im a bit more used to play with, which would you advise in here, assuming my group doesnt need a strong tranq?
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    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    ssh i am going to tell you a secret.

    but keep in mind this secret should be kept as a secret.

    Symbiosis a warlock. Thank me later

    and here is a small Copy/paste i used to give people questioning lunar opener.

    Lunar opener :

    here I start planting shrooms under the target, as i am 1 cast away from lunar eclipse (pre-lunar 75) I am then waiting for pull timer, and pre-pot mirror image + Starfall (starfall doesn't hit targets I am not in combat with, so it won't pull and I make sure to use it 2-3 secs before pulling) and then casting + starting the encounter with 1 x wrath which makes me enter lunar eclipse.

    Explanation of Eclipse:

    When a boomkin enters an eclipse, it receives 50% of maximum mana back, + gaining the buff of Nature's Grace which increases my spellhaste by 15%. And triggering Eclipse (lunar/solar) which increases my Arcane/nature dmg by 15% + Mastery Total eclipse currenlty 36% so 51%

    The moment you hit Lunar eclipse your Starfall CD refreshes. Here I pop incarnation, which increases my Total Eclipse dmg by 25% in otherwords i have 86% increased dmg during my eclipse state!.

    Here I begin to DoT and Starfire spam until I get Starsurge Procs, The moment my Starfall durection ends, I pop another one. When I hit 0 energy, my Total Eclipse buff dissapears. Where I pop Celestial Alignment.

    Explanation of Celestial Alignment:

    When Celestial Alignment is used, you get Total Eclipse BACK. And your starfall is off cooldown again. In other words, Starfall Which is 10 sec duraction. I can keep it up for 30 secs. Since my Incarnation talent last 30 secs aswell. then when I pop CA. It would still be active. And during CA when I use one of my Dot's the 2nd one is automaticly applied aswell. Back to the opener.

    After popping CA. I dot up + detonate Shrooms. Here I countinue Starfire + Starsurge rotation, and hit Solar Eclipse right after CA (I also dot up a last time before CA ends as it's saves me 1 Global Cooldown) ends where I then hit another eclipse instantly and keeping my Total Eclipse buff on all the time, where my Nature Grace is also on. At this point my Lunar Opener ends, And I go back to my basic eclipse rotation.
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    Im not going in on the opener thing, cause it has been discussed soooooo many times on this forum already.

    About tips:

    symbi a warlock, reduced damage and not being interuptable for the duration is epic ( i had to use it to tranq, but if you are lucky enough to keep it to dps, use it during the 2nd use of cds).

    You can get a cast of starfire or wrath of between each screech if you start exactly when the screech cast ends. So you can still go from eclipse to eclipse. Hold on to starsurge proc for when he casts. Refresh dots normal time, or when they run of. It is delicate timing, but if done well, very nice.

    Dont forget to keep a rejuv on yourself at all times, to help out a bit. Also if you go to 24-25 screeches like we did, you can have barkskin twice, so use them when the weakest raid cd or healer cds are used.

    In between phase, keep jailor and thok dotted up. (i had to dispel the jailor at times as well, so keep sooth on your bars)

    Ohw, with the bats coming in, make sure you are just hitting solar eclipse. By then the screeches are still relatively far apart, so you can get a ng hurricane off. ( I had to hotw rejuv and tranq at that time, so coordinate what your healers want).

    Uhm, thats all I can come up with at this time. Good luck!

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    thank you for your replies guys

    would still love if someone did check my logs and see if i fucked up on anything specific that i should fix to increase my dps, would be greatly apreciated

    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Despite View Post
    You can get a cast of starfire or wrath of between each screech if you start exactly when the screech cast ends.
    When your meta procs (and NG is up), you can fit two wraths in between the screeches assuming you have good latency/timing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Despite View Post
    Ohw, with the bats coming in, make sure you are just hitting solar eclipse. By then the screeches are still relatively far apart, so you can get a ng hurricane off. ( I had to hotw rejuv and tranq at that time, so coordinate what your healers want).
    Your CA will come off cooldown when you're about to enter the 2nd stack phase if you did things right. While hurricane can work if you can get to solar and fit it in there, I've found that using CA when the bats fly down is a lot less stressful. Get double dots going on all the bats and machine gun starsurges into the highest health targets.

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    Just to add to despites post:

    Symb on lock if definitely great, if you have BoPs availible but no lock you can also have that for tranq.

    You can get 1 Starfire, 1 Wrath, or if you have NG+Meta you can actually get 2 wraths. It's close but you can do it.

    Put DoTs on jailer soon as it's out then just tunnel boss. And don't soothe it. Our tank usually just solos it with peoples dots + huge vengeance from the add buff.

    When bats come in my 2nd CDs are up so I usually pop INC+CA and dot them all, I've found that pretty decent damage on them so far since they live for the whole dot in my group. Also you wanna put all SS procs from that on boss.

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    Thats so hard to say with these early wipes you guys are having. Uptime of dots between the 85-88% is decent, could prob be 90%+ since there is barely a time he is out of range for the duration of the dots. 66% uptime on ng is fine for this fight, could be little higher if you perfect the timing trick i just wrote about.

    Healing with hotw rejuv spam can help for 2-3 screeches, then tranq saves another 2 screeches prob. (so you as dps can basicly help last about 5 screeches longer)

    Other then that there is really not much to say, short attempts and besides some timing perfecting things I cant see major issues.

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    I agree with what others said about the Warlock Symbiosis for a Defensive CD and no interrupts during it. I've been doing the Solar Opener (start in Solar Eclipse and pop Incarnation+CA with Procs) for every Heroic Thok pull. I also prefer using Incarnation+CA instead of Hurricane during the Bats because 3 Min CDs should be up when they come down. I was assigned with a BOP for HOTW+Tranq at a certain point so I had to run with that Talent. If you do mess up and get interrupted use your Lunar Shower (Sunfire/Moonfire spam) favouring your current Eclipse with Starsurge Procs. I don't think it's been mentioned already but Displacer Beast (Cat Blink) is amazing along with your Dash if you ever get fixated and really need the speed.

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    yep have been using symb on lock since the first pull, also got displacer beast even tho if all goes well i wont get fixated, seems half my group doesnt know how to avoid it and keep dpsing the boss lol.

    anyways thank you very much for the usefull input, i apreciate it.

    yea...i like lvling what can i say..

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    It's basically normal rotation, you just have to time it good and rely on SS procs, multidot whenever you can. I usually pop INC + CA + 2nd pot on bats to multidot them all and just make them disappear as fast as possible since they do extra damage on the raid aswell.

    Good luck.

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