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    Quote Originally Posted by Borfl View Post
    It's not worth the effort to "get good" anymore when class/comp largely determines the victor.
    I started gearing up my shadow priest last patch because he was just sitting around and I needed to learn how to play a caster.

    You can imagine the amount of frustration I have with this.

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    personally i really like pvp this patch. U can gear fast enough and alot of people are running in the same gear.
    And in my opinion all the classes can kill each other with not alot of problems.

    Having multiple tiers of pvp gear only creates gaps between gear and skill.

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    My 2 cents...

    Yes there are some stupid one shot macros that any class can preform but in all honestly if you set yourself up to be blown up then you deserved it. PvP has always been and always will be about timing your Crowd Control and Burst. People that can't wrap their head around this are destined to fail.
    Now PvP this expansion has actually been really good aside from BM Hunters and Disc Priests being way over represented compared to the other class/specs, but that's it just two specs I can recall out of the what....34?

    Balance is pretty good so far, yes some classes need a bit more CC others don't need as much but I think the general goal will be to reduce the overall CC in WoD and tone down Burst so that will make the game less "OMG WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?! I BLEW UP IN <.00001 SECONDS!!!!" to something more endurance based.

    IMO the people complaining that pvp is bad right now are either
    -really bad players that can't compete even with FotM classes.
    -super anal 2400+ rating players that cry when they lose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aglassofmilk View Post
    Hey guys,

    I've been playing wow for a long time and have seen every patch that was looked at as "bad". Patch 5.4 is definitely alarming. Some mechanics in the game right now are so unfair and blatantly favorite certain classes.

    I just wanted to bring up the topic of, "Do you guys think pvp in WoW has gone too far down the drain?". So many of my friends (who have played for a long time, around late vanilla) have quit due to this patch, and it's making me question the game. I love this game and have so many memories here, but the direction the game is going in is disappointing.
    You haven't played a long time if you think it's the worst. Neither have you friends "from vanilla" :P
    I'm tired of people saying "omg it was alway great and now it's bad"

    Not perfectly balanced obviously, but sure as hell not as imbalanced as before. You can do decently with any class now. You won't get 2500, but you never could in any expansion/patch with whichever class you picked.
    Not saying that there isn't room for improvement and that warriors doesn't deserve a kick in the balls. But to say "omg so bad nau never was before in me 3 months plaiityme" is just annoying.

    If you really believe it then give some god damn examples instead of coming with "my friends yadda".
    Everyone has so much to say
    They talk talk talk their lives away

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaitain View Post
    I personally think Blizzard made their priority firmly PvE > PvP after WotLK. They can't ever admit to that and never will, but there's a lot of evidence for it (simple, important PvP fixes that go unfixed for months/years, new abilities each expansion that are designed for PvE fun but are patently absurd in PvP, etc etc). I actually think they should bite the bullet and make a very WoW-like game (even a literal spin-off) that is just PvP, then cut PvP out of old WoW.

    Having said that if you play with a sense of humour and don't expect anything close to balance, there is still a decent amount of PvP fun to be had.
    I think this is pretty much accurate. WoW is a PVE game in its heart with (good) PVP features added to it.

    Because of this, they have to be very careful with how the balancing goes, because sometimes an ability is too OP in PVP, but is fine in PVE... So, when they decide to fix that said ability for PVP, they risk nerfing the class to oblivion in PVE. Which simply can't happen... The most serious competition is in PVE, and that would be screwing about 10% of the playerbase.

    I am of the opinion the only way both PVE and PVP can be completely balanced is if both get completely separated. Maybe even with different launchers, like happens in, say, Call of Duty.

    That will not happen, so the way one can be fun in PVP is really not take it too seriously, and do it for fun.

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    PvP story of mine;
    played 80 matches with my UH dk( more or less full grevious gear with full enchenting)
    healer cced , tunnel burst on me even with my teammate Frost mage can´t prevent the shit tunneling on me.
    gear up my warrior
    100 wins get mount and gl with arena and PvP in world of FOTMcraft
    PvP in wow was, is and will always be unbalanced, do not waste your time to play with underdog and cry.
    get a OP class master it and have fun and catch every possible achivement and rewards with him.
    because that chances will never come back anymore.
    do not waste your time with underdogs, get best catch the bus.

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    5.4? More like 3.2.

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    I don't see what is so different from 5.4.
    Every single patch people are proclaiming "balance has never been this bad!" and "its the end of pvp!" and "blizzard don't know what they are doing!" as well as "this class is too OP" along with some form of "my class has 0 chance against this other class in this or that situation under these or those circumstances!".
    Personally, I think pvp is about as balanced as ever, if on the slightly bursty side of the scales compared to some other times. Outside of monks being a bit weak at start (felt that way when I fought them anyway) and Dks being monsters at their release back in Wrath, it has always been a little bit of up and down, with nothing being unkillable (outside of 1v1, cause that just won't be balanced ever, and never has been), and nothing being unplayable (in a group setting).
    Sure, in this patch some specs are probably a little more versatile or have a little more dps than other specs, and last patch it was reversed, the patch before that yet other specs were strong. It has always been like this, I don't see why people proclaim pvp to be "unsalvagable" or "finally completely dead" every single patch, you'd think it would get old at some point.
    This is what wow pvp is like. If you dislike that you will honestly never be satisfied with anything Blizzard will make it, and you might as well give it up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceventura View Post
    Please be more spesific what exactly. I can't realy understand all this QQ allover PVP threads, seems PVP comunity turning into army of whiners without good reason. Game is balanced like never been before, yes with sacrifice to class uniqess and adding more control abilities. No PVE items are better than curent tier PVP item, all classes and most specs are competitive, 3 brand new battlegrounds this expansion with brand new concepts, removing elite gear and so on and so on. Yes some things like world pvp need some attention, so is wintrading, but that will come in WoD.
    It is not balanced. When i pvp it is at a low level, I usually get 80% of my conquest gear. Trying to go to Timeless Isle on a PVP server and I need to get my rogue out of his PVP gear and into his PVE gear.

    I do this not because of the creatures on the island, I do this because Conquest gear is crap for survivability from other players.

    It is silly players need to raid to be able to Wpvp or even protect themselves.

    Resilience buff should be for Instanced PVP only. Why give it to everyone outside of instanced PVP?

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    PvE gear is way more imbalanced vs PvP gear than it ever was the other way around. Here is what a PvE geared rogue can do in the Shrine of Two Moons currently. 250k crits on full grievous etc:
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