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    Why is there a difference in the item level of PvE vs. PvP gear?

    Hey all,

    I had a question for you. Why is it that entry level PvP gear (stuff you get from honor gear) always about 10 ilevel higher than the stuff you get from entry raid (LFR) gear?

    The only way I could figure it out is that Blizzard has something like this for determining ilevel

    Crafted PvP = LFR
    BGs = Normal Raids
    Arenas = Heroic Raids

    The only reason I have a problem with this is how easy it is to game the LFR system and get into higher ilevel-required raids. Once you hit 90, you can either spend 20-30k buying a bunch of good gear and then do heroics followed by entry-level LFR until you get enough to get into the top LFR (i496?).

    For PvP, you can get that same ilevel for doing BGs for a few hours.

    Does that seem unfair to anyone else, or am I just being too picky?

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    It's just a number.

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    You are thinking about it the wrong way. "Entry level pvp gear" - Last seasons PvP Gear is from when ToT was the main raid and the Ilvl is lower then what you get in there. All pvp gear is lower ilvl then PvE gear from the same patch.
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    Honestly if you look at higher end stuff, PvPers max iLvl is 522 (I think) and PvEers are at a max of 581... This expac has changed PvP gear a lot, and it needs to be lower ilvl now as it is technically equivalent to PvE gear in terms of stats/stat weights. I am a PvE player, never touch PvP but I would be so disappointed if there was THAT huge a gear difference and I was PvPing. Even if you are PvPing to a far better level than an average PvEer you will be in way worse gear.

    Also they messed up the whole gearing process in MoP imo, Justice point were kinda useless, dungeons were your only option at the start and it was all a bit meh. Hope they fix things in WoD.

    Also, if you find doing BGs easier than LFR, do them, the gear is far better than any entry level LFR gear you will get, and I personally can't stand LFR.

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    Becaus a single tier for pve at the moment has 4 different versions of itself, while a single tier for pvp is comprised of one single season.

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    Because you buy PvP gear, but PvE gear is a random drop.

    It might be more equal if you only had chance to get a random piece of PvP gear after a victory, once per week.

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