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    Malfurion is Wolverine? Wolvfurion?

    Is there a resemble? Look at the claws, there are 3 single sharp ones for both of them. Perhaps Malfurion was inspired by Wolverine? They both protect the bear.

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    Wolverine doesn't have chicken wings nor antlers. And Im pretty sure he has a lot more guts than Malfurion to do what needs to be done, even if it's not "kosher".

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    not sure if srs
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    One problem.

    Malfurion isn't Hugh Jackman.

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    Malfurion is a punk. And as Moon Blade said he won't do what has to be done.

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    }There are a lot of game characters with Wolverine classic claws

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    I'm pretty sure Loguhn is based off Wolverine.

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    Night Elf males have always had a slight hint of Wolverine in their inspiration, I remember remarking on it in 2004 but for the life of me I can't recall the reasons why. Maybe it was the mutton chops and the pissed off face along with those claws you could buy in Darnassus on the Warrior's Terrace along with having fangs and being feral compared to other fantasy franchises elves. They also are inspired by Wendy Pini's Elfquest Wolfriders, and Cutter and his father have a little Logan in there with their wolf heritage and their mutton chops. But this is some really abstract stuff to broach. Druids of the Claw are more like Wolverine than just Malfurion, look at Broll Bearmantle's hands.
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