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  • I dislike Cross-Realm Zone

    42 34.43%
  • I dislike LFD & LFR

    18 14.75%
  • I dislike Flying Mounts

    12 9.84%
  • I dislike all of the above

    5 4.10%
  • I dislike none of the above

    31 25.41%
  • I dislike something else

    14 11.48%
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    Yeah I agree with the where is "some of the above" - I dislike cross realms and the LF systems but I do like flying mounts.

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    CRZ needs to be removed.

    Connected realms is a better solution. No need for both.

    Or keep it but invite only.

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    Flying mounts.

    Worst decision and biggest design mistake Blizz has ever made.

    Second to go should be the stealth mechanics.

    I would be okay with stealth that hunters have - limited duration, limited running speed and cooldown. But rogue-ish stealth as it is now, is ridiculous, especially with the bullshit they keep adding, like Subterfuge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toobad View Post
    Flying mounts.

    Worst decision and biggest design mistake Blizz has ever made.
    Funny.. I think flying is the BEST single feature, blizzard have added to the game...
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    LFG and LFR. Yuck. While it is convenient it sure doesn't do realm communities any good.

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    CRZ needs reworking. Idea is good but the outcome has been detrimental.

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    I don't think players would be better off with any of those features removed without some decent replacement that fills the hole left by that feature.

    I despise LFR and LFD, but I also don't think just pulling them is the best solution either; same with pvp gear, battle ground exclusive pvp incentives, power based pvp incentives, non-attuned raiding, the current talent solution, menu based difficulty adjustments, unused gear identifiers, locking player top end progress to raiding... and a bunch of other things. You couldn't just yank all of those things out and expect the game to survive though.

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    The lack of gameplay custumization its the feature i most hate in wow.

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