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    Achievement system imrpovements?

    Hey, Just wondering if blues have ever mentioned improving the achievement system by the way of enabling more achievements account-wide. ie /love critters etc.

    They have done a good job including account-wide achievements already but its strange sometimes. You get account wide achievement for exploring all the zones but no ach points for exploring individual zones. The achievement list is littered with this type of scenario. So the feeling of having a alt is still very much a chore.

    In my opinion I think the only achievements that shouldn't be account wide are the reputation ones. Fair enough you need to earn that but I think even that might change as more leave the game. I would love to level up alts and know I can just play them worry free of that niggling feeling of reputations and achievements need doing.

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    They've gone over this before and it's something that they don't want to do. If you start an achievement you need to finish it on a character. This is in regards to achievements like To all the squirrels I've loved... It's a single achievement and can't/won't be tracked across multiple characters and it doesn't make any more sense to than it would to explore a whole zone by exploring parts of it with different characters. Achievements like Glory of the Hero though you can do all the different achievements on separate characters and it will be account wide.

    All that being said, more achievements are account wide than just the blue ones. I don't have 3000 quests completed on my DK, only 1,214 but since my Druid does it still shows that I've completed it, but when I hit 3000 I'll get the toast and the warm fuzzy feeling. It might be a chore to you but a lot of people still like to get the achievement toasts so that's why they're still in even if you've done it on another character.

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