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    Northern Cloth Scavenging and nothing after!?

    Northern Cloth Scavenging is a perk you keep in your Professions book that let you loot more clothes from Northrend humanoids, but is that it? Nothing in Cataclysm or Mists of Pandaria that will "take over the perk\upgrade it?"

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    Northern Cloth Scavenging works with cata mobs, and i assume it works with MoP mobs as well

    they should probably change the name to Cloth Scavenging
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    I could have sworn I read somewhere that it affected mobs in Cataclysm zones too, they just never updated the tooltip. I never noticed a boost though and now that gear/daily cooldowns require so much cloth, it'd be nice to have that boost, especially this late in the expansion

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    They should update the tooltip or info then Confuses new players!

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    The effect works for any mob Wrath and above.

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    The annoying part is that it only applies after other people loot their corpses when in a group.
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    It works on cata mobs, and i'm fairly certain that it works on mop mobs as well.
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    It absolutely works on Cataclysm and Mists mobs. I have absolutely no idea why the tooltip has STILL not been changed. I'm constantly picking up windwool off other people's loot corpses.

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