View Poll Results: Who is your favorite orc?

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  • Kargath

    13 3.47%
  • Blackhand

    7 1.87%
  • Kilrogg

    10 2.67%
  • Ner'zhul

    27 7.20%
  • Gul'dan

    40 10.67%
  • Grommash

    32 8.53%
  • Durotan

    23 6.13%
  • Rexxar

    50 13.33%
  • Thrall

    61 16.27%
  • Garrosh

    28 7.47%
  • Someone else <writes as reply>

    84 22.40%
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    Who is your favorite orc?

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    Grom> Rexxar> Durotan> Saurfang>> rest of listed >>>>>> Gul'dan >> random peon > Basic Campfire > Puntable Marmot >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Garrosh

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    Saurfang isn't on your list...

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    I liked Nazgrim, for the simple reason he's the only character I know of that acknowledges your actions and fame in his greeting. Every other NPC treat me like any other FNG looking for a handout

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    No Broxigar or Saurfang? ; ;
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    I want to be Gul'Dan when I grow up

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    Rexxar for sure

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    Garrosh. I play this game for the Horde vs Alliance faction war, and he alone has delivered so far. I like Thrall in other ways, but not as much.

    And I never played any of the old Warcraft games, so most of the others mean very little to me, even if I know more or less what they did.

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    Probably Saurfang senior. Junior was alright too.

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    Varok Saurfang, who isn't on your list by the way.
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    I don't see Broxigar on this poll...

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    Saurfang, he is like the only Orc that is more than killmerderdeth, or jesus.
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    Saurfang for president!!

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    Orgrimm Doomhammer, because he's dead.
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    Derpkitteh (I typed this with a straight face!), you're being wholly unreasonable here.
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    You are full of shit.

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    Rexxar is only a half-orc

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    Rexxar is an half-orc half-ogre, if you count him, you may aswell count Garona (half-orc half-draenei).

    Including both of the above, and the Saurfangs (both Brox & the other...), this is my personal view:

    Rexxar > Ner'zhul > Kil'rogg > Gul'dan > Teron Gorefiend > Garona > Kargath > Broxigar > Blackhand > Durotan > Reghaar Earthfury > Saurfang Jr. > Nazgrim > Grommash > Thrall > Garrosh.

    If you'd ask me the same question at Cataclysm's launch both Thrall & Garrosh would rank FAR FAR higher.... shame how they got ruined.
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    The Unstoppable Force Trassk's Avatar
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    No Nazgrim. No Saurfang, No Broxigar..

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    Bloodsail Admiral
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    I like Gul'dan. I don't find much appealing about macho ultra-masculine characters, so a physically weak but sly and manipulative orc like Gul'dan is much more interesting in my opinion.

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    Kilrogg looks like a huge badass.

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    You do know there's a maximum limit to poll length right?
    Obviously some people are going to be missing, that's why there is a box for "other", it's silly to keep saying "x isn't on the list" as if that is some slight against them

    The Warlords, the two Warchiefs and the Champion of the Horde is as good a list to fill the poll options as any you're going to get

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