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    The Lightbringer Hargalaten's Avatar
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    Earrings on men, yay or nay?

    I find it looking trashy most of the time and generally don't like it, but some people can get away with it.
    I'd give it a no rather than a yes!

    What about you?

    Edit: I added some pictures because apparently the ones up here are biased and horrible.

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    in my opionion it looks well,kinda gay. i dont really like it myself but im tolerant if someone else wears them.
    but im not tolerant towards these kind of tunnels,the huge streched holes,they are just faggotry in my eyes
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    Im a woman and like it I also like men wearing eye-liner and even men painting their nails (black only).. sue me

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    If they like it, idgaf. Same for those Jersey Shore douchebags. I think they look terrible, but they don't, so, good on 'em.

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    The Lightbringer Sunnydee's Avatar
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    the tiny 1.6mm holes? no

    if you stretch to 15mm+ then yes.. and before anyone says anything else.. yes i have myself.. 38mm plugs.
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    The Patient
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    I'd say no personally. I mean that, in my opinion, earrings don't often look good on a guy or make him look better. But I wouldn't even go so far as to say I dislike them, and go ahead if you want to. By the same token, I don't think earrings make a big difference on women either.

    I would definitely never get them myself though.

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    Born male.

    I dislike earrings in general; man or woman doesn't matter. There are much better looking piercings, in my opinion.

    Not that I care much about it... If you like earrings, then wear them to your heart's content! I don't like scarves, either, but that shouldn't stop anyone (but me) from wearing them!

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    The Unstoppable Force Peggle's Avatar
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    a big no from me, everytime ive seen a male wearing ear rings they look terrible, si'd never wear them myself.
    if people want to wear them though, i personally don't care. not the worst fashion choice people make. apart from those big holes in the ears, hoop things, they are disgusting.
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    Immortal Frozen Death Knight's Avatar
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    Hate earrings. Can't stand the darn things. Though, it doesn't bother me as much if women and girls use them since it is just a part of being female with wearing various things. I didn't like it when my sisters got earrings, but meh, I can't force my opinion on the matter onto them. That would just be stupid.
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    The High Seraph Iliyra's Avatar
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    Nah, don't really like it.
    But as long as they are subtle and small, it's not that bad. What I really, really loathe are those ear tunnels. Just horrible.

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    I think it looks silly.

    I think it looks outright horrendous with those stretch things - men and women (at least the plastic surgeons know what they will be doing a lot 20 years from now). Same goes for lip piercings.

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    I used to wear earrings in both of my ears during highschool. I'm a guy and totally not gay. I had sex with a stunning milf because of them (well, more or less because of them but she would always make a remark about my earrings). I'm 23 now, haven't worn them since I finished highschool. It's just not me anymore, and I don't really like seeing them on men anymore, dunno why, maybe because it does seem kinda gay. I won't judge anyone for wearing earrings, though.

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    Fluffy Kitten Zoma's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    Nah, don't really like it.
    But as long as they are subtle and small, it's not that bad. What I really, really loathe are those ear tunnels. Just horrible.
    Pretty much agree with this. I don't even notice most earrings, on men or women, but those ear tunnel things look terrible.

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    What do I vote if I feel indifferent?
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    Blademaster Kotumbaz's Avatar
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    Not where I want to be.
    I'm a male and both my ears are pierced.I kinda grew out of wearing earrings though.Not exactly sure when that happened.
    Anyway no, I don't mind them at all.

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    I voted I dislike it because I think it usually looks dumb, but I don't care whether or not anyone wants to wear them and do not think less of them for it.

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    Yay when I was 16. Nay now that I'm 27. It looks pretentious and stupid now IMO. It's a thing I expect on a still wild and stupid youngman.

    Edit: Thanks to thsi thread I am now playing AP Nocturne.

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    I'm a woman and I don't dislike a small stud or anything like that, but I have to admit I've seen guys with a big gold hoop and it just makes me think he's working on a pirate cosplay and one of my coworkers has a big stretched tunnel that I find myself peering through occasionally whilst frowning. That being said, I don't judge, guys can wear whatever jewellery they want and I wouldn't think much of it... if I had to choose I'd say I preferred a guy sans earrings, or with just a small stud.

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    Who the hell cares. Do what thou wilt, that shall be the whole of the law, and stuff.

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    Doesn't make a guy uglier. I prefer necklaces though.

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