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    If I'm dpsing, I try to check the dungeon journal before my first-ever-on-this-boss pull, at least to see the loot table, and usually if it's going to be single or multi target, and sometimes to see how much movement there is and what the fire will be. When I'm tanking, I check out the Icy Veins guides and another LFR-specific quick tanking guide before I even queue. In any case, it's not until the pull that I really understand the fight.

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    i usually read the dungeon journal a little bit so i know what to move out of, or if i have to kill adds or some shit.

    LFR tactics are usually easy to learn for anyone with half a brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikkr View Post
    in the past I would watch vids for all the fights beforehand. Since coming back though I generally just join up and avoid standing in shit while trying to maximise my DPS. Ill usually look for a high dps toon and try to keep an eye on any movements they make.

    Using this tactic, combined with far too much raid experience, im fine on most bosses except for the ones with finicky tactics that can oneshot you.

    General rule is stay out of shit and watch for DBM alerts.
    Exactly. This is precisely what i do in LFR now. I also like the thrill of going into an instance and not knowing what to expect and LFR allows for a margin of error in most cases. Overall, as you stated, it's pretty basic stuff.

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    I did before I hit LFR, but I come from an end game raiding background. Really it isnt hard to go in with a clue about the mechanics, some are pretty obvious, and DBM generally gives you big clues.

    Still yet to do Nazgrin on LFR without someone laying into the boss during defensive stance.

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    define research.
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    I only start to research if the group is wiping on a boss and I can't figure out why. Learning fights on the fly is way more exciting to me than knowing what's going to happen ahead of time. I love doing dungeons and LFR for the first time and not having a clue what to expect from a boss.

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    It's okay if I slack off and don't know fights or do low DPS, out of the other 24 people one of them should take the initiative to do this for me, right?

    I mean, how else am I gonna gear up my 6th alt.

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    I don't research specifically for LFR but I research for normal/heroic modes and that translates into not sucking in LFR.

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    You really expect the intended audience of LOLFR to actually tab out, and use a third party website, or even the in-game guide to research a fight before queuing up?


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    Lfr doesn't require research. Lol

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    no, i've already cleared normal before LFR is open, then i insult people who do LFR to be cool and increase my e-peen!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imhere View Post
    Lfr doesn't require research. Lol
    For tanks it does

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    For tanks it does
    So no lol. No it does not.

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    lolz they should just remove the damn journal cuz they probably dont even know it exists

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    I read a guide and the dungeon journal usually and that's often more than enough for LFR

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    Never for LFR.

    Tho in fairness, I've already researched them for the normal clear by the time I get to do them on LFR.

    But I wouldn't bother researching them even if I hadn't. I'd just skim the dungeon journal beforehand.

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    hell no. i've never even opened the dungeon journal other than to see what loot there is.

    I move out of things (or into, depending how bored i am) and dps when i feel like it. which really is most of the time, but after 2-3 bosses i just dont give a **** anymore and let the casuals carry me to loot.

    I understand why Blizzard put LFR into the game, but it's honestly a pathetic joke and should require more than me (and who knows how many other people) afking mid fight. Until then people like me will just continue to afk after throwing a couple fireballs.

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    I usually do at least a little bit. Mostly to know going in what to avoid and if there's anything special to know about it. Nazgrim, pre-RaidFinder nerf, is one good reason why people should. It doesn't much matter now but when people say that RaidFinder causes bad play they have a point. It's better by far to treat Raid Finder like a Normal fight than to get sloppy with it. Some people are apparently A-OK with playing badly. That's on them. I have more self respect than that so I treat it pretty much like anything else and at least have an idea going in what's required.
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    Personally, I think that tanks should at least queue once or twice as dps to see the fights. Healers and DPS seem to get away with it.

    Usually all LFR needs is one person who has a clue to explain the fights and, if 70% of the people listen, it works out.

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    yes and no. sometimes i read the dungeon journal and sometimes guild chat talks about the boss fights.

    also again. define research
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