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    Are you actually telling me that those bosses in LFR require tactics?

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    Sorry, I don't.

    I don't even read up for flex or normal. Anyone inviting me to a raid, gets a warning.

    I did prepare beforehand back when I was raiding seriously, but can hardly call what I am doing now raiding. I don't particulary like raids anymore, but it can be fun once in a blue moon. A part of that fun for me at this point, is to be surprised by the encounter... like back when I started playing this game.

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    I wait a few weeks before going into LFR in hopes that most of the people have figured out the fight as I dont want to spend 4+hrs in LFR.
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    99% of people in LFR do not read MMO-Champ, Icy Veins, Noxxic, or any fansite, thus, this poll is in no way accurate.

    As for me when I was doing LFR, yes, I did read tactics, always have, always will.

    I know a friend who just reads the dungeon journal, but I prefer guides/videos.

    I also did the same for flex and will for normal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toiran View Post
    99% of people in LFR do not read MMO-Champ, Icy Veins, Noxxic, or any fansite, thus, this poll is in no way accurate.
    I'm curious where you got that statistic from.

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    if anything i i know the heroic tacts before i do the boss on LFR :P

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    Are you also reading or watching a walkthrough before playing a single player game? Don't force anyone doing this.

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    I don't even research reg or heroics, I quickly glance at the dungeon journal and that's all that's needed

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    I look it up a little when I DPS.
    But when I tank or heal I look up the entire fight and look for things to pay attention to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Efrye View Post
    Are you also reading or watching a walkthrough before playing a single player game? Don't force anyone doing this.
    Of course not. It's single player. If you fuck up and die 58 times then its only YOUR time that you're wasting. If I'm with 24 other people, I like to make sure I'm not the one causing wipes and wasting everyone's time.

    (This of course is almost never the case in LFR, but you get my point.)
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    I like to learn through attempt. Learning how to do it before hand makes it boring faster. It's not even a fight if you research it all.

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    I walk in, kill shit and pay attention. As a former tank and raid leader that no longer raids (outside lfr and the odd flex with friends), it was always something I had to do/know. I have to see and know everything, but just reading up on it or watching a video is of little use or desire to me, 1-2 attempts on a boss and I'll typically know everything about it that I need to know to complete my role, a few more attempts and paying attention to raid chat and I'll usually know enough to succeed at any role.

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    Fuck you, that's where.
    I always wing it. The only boss that didn't work out for was Durumu and I was forced to look it up on youtube.
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    Part of the excitement of a game is not knowing what's going to happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    I'm curious where you got that statistic from.
    97.4% of statistics found on the internet are made up.

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    the ingame guide that blizzard supplies for raids/bosses is more than adequate for LFR.

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    I used to, until I realized I could go in there naked with no idea what I'm doing, and still not be at the bottom of any charts...

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    I generally check out the Tankspot rundowns. They have nice concise write-ups on it, and I don't have to wade through 17 pages of insults to find what I need.

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    i think that you should research the fight if you are a tank or healer, as a dps you can pretty much walk into any LFR boss and figure it out on the fly.

    But given the fact that i raid, i've pretty much watched every normal mode strat vid as soon as they come out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumatran View Post
    Just curious how many people do this.
    Some fights I do, some fights I don't. Some fights are obvious in what you need to do, others require timing, finesse and awareness.

    Though my experience of LFR tells me no-one but myself is able to do a boss properly either way.

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