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    learning by doing.

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    Research a fight for lfr? Good one sir.... LoL .... good one.

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    Technically, I do research a fight before going in for LFR, but that's because I need to know the fights should a flex group come up that I want to join in. So no, I don't research specifically for LFR, but yes, I do research before entering.

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    Walk in and do my DPS rotation,* end of story.

    *By DPS rotation I don't mean that I researched that either, I just press whatever button I feel like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blueobelisk View Post
    Walk in and do my DPS rotation,* end of story.

    *By DPS rotation I don't mean that I researched that either, I just press whatever button I feel like.
    Given how painful most LFRs are, this is likely the most common.
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    Years past I use to look up info before doing new raids. The only time I research now is if I'm really confused on what's happening or curious about something that occurred which rarely happens these days. I state this as a DPS. If i was tanking I would study up on fights before hand as the tank's job is to crucial to not know what to do and can easily cause unnecessary wipes. There's a lot of room for error on most fights in LFR.

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    I researched fights for flex before I attempted them, never for LFR... normally someone explains everything you need to know right before and you learn what they mean during the fight, it's LFR ffs

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    I research them all...but mainly because I am a 10 man raider anyway, so I have to know the fights ahead-of-time. If I wasn't I'd just give a cursory glance at the strat.

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    Considering that I do the fights on 10 normal, I already know the fights. Then again, I do raids on 10 normal, so there's no reason for me to go Looking-For-Retards in the first place.

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    A bit of both... as a dps, I wont look up anything...
    But as a tank. I refuse to waste 24 (despite how rude or mean or stupid they are), so I look up the fight (from a tank PoV if I can find it)

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    I kinda wish everyone would. Yeah, we know LFR is a joke. But if 23/25 members don't know, you can expect a wipe at some point. But this really only applies to when a wing has been out for some time.

    Early on, I could definitely see why people would want to learn it themselves.

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    Dont read the fights, fights read me!

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    No, I just ask my friends or the raid what the tacs are. Usually isn't much to know anyway

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    I tank in LFR so I kind of have to.

    ...but I usually don't.
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    queue up > hit boss > get valor

    sums up LFR for me atleast.
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    I usually go with friends that have already done it so they give me the rundown on each boss. If I was to go alone, I look up a few guidelines to not mess up drastically in LFR.

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    in the past I would watch vids for all the fights beforehand. Since coming back though I generally just join up and avoid standing in shit while trying to maximise my DPS. Ill usually look for a high dps toon and try to keep an eye on any movements they make.

    Using this tactic, combined with far too much raid experience, im fine on most bosses except for the ones with finicky tactics that can oneshot you.

    General rule is stay out of shit and watch for DBM alerts.
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    Judging the dps of people, i think even the basic character rotation isn't research.

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    I went into LFR with my monk tank without looking anything up. I simply charged ahead like it was a heroic dungeon. No wipes, happened. I moved from the things DBM told me too and all was well. I actually got two whispers afterward saying "great job tanking." I was laughing IRL since I knew it was completely pathetic. I learned nothing at all from LFR mechanics wise nor for my class really. It was simply a 25 man heroic dungeon.

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