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    Question Need a little help, got a gear question.

    Okay, long time lurker, first time post, I've actually run into something I wasn't sure about, even after running the numbers and what not and it's actually a choice I'm having a hard time making. But before I go into detail, let me give you my Armory name so you can look me up, can't post links till I have a certain post count, it seems. Character name: Zerokei
    Obviously, I'm not very geared, but I'm trying. Anyway, My question is this, recently got my tier chest piece, but I have a warforged Robes of the Tendered Heart. I also have the tokens for LFR Shoulder piece, but my shoulders are also 553 Rime-Rift Shoulders. Now, this is where I become confused, is it worth losing the chest and the shoulders for a 4pc tier bonus? Not sure if I'm using the sim correctly, but it shows higher DPS and using askmrrobot.com (I know, not the greatest of places) It's showing an increase as well. What do you all think? Anyone mind helping m with a second opinion?

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    if you are destro i would use the lower ilvl tier pieces. At least for me I noticed a huge improvement with the 4 piece due to the increased ember regen.

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