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    Snapshots & Weakauras

    Ive got a couple of questions regarding these subjects.

    first of all, does snapshotting applies to all dots? are there currently no dynamic dots in this game?
    when does the snapshotting occur? When you start casting the spell, or when you send it to an enemy, or when it reaches the enemy? (take haunt for example)
    And how should I use weakauras? Ive set it up to monitor all my buffs like jade spirit and lightweave, but what are the ideal circumstances to refresh a dot using weakauras?

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    Well taking affliction for example presuming this is the spec you are referencing, dot snapshotting happens at the exact point in which you apply them e.g when you cast instant gcd of agony or as soon as the cast finished for unstable affliction. So basically you want to be applying/refreshing dots when there are procs up within the proc time (20secs for dark soul, 10 for KTT, 9-10 stacks of BBOY or 20seconds of Bindings) there is ample amount of time to refresh you dots under these effects even time to drain soul if your soul shard starved... Procs like lightweave and jade spirit are almost not worth refreshing dots for. Best time to use to lightweave is with another trinket proc or your meta never on its own. Alot of people who post vids or share ui use weak auras to track procs personally i can stand using weak auras in,that way ive just manipulated my forte exorcist into 3 seperate spell timer bars one tracks cds at bottom,of screen then i have 2 other bars placed centrally ilon my screen right side tracks bloodlust, tempus repit, time warp, jade spirit, potion and also the time remaining on BBOY... while i have left side track dark soul, both trinket procs i feel its more dynamic than weak auras and easier to track as you can colour code each individual buff/proc... From my experience having an effective ui makes you a better player especially for affliction managings cds proc awareness and endless amount of min maxing will help you be a better warlock... Should prob post a screen shot of my ui but not at home might try later.

    edit: heres a link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2ldwODvIEw
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    for wxample group up your big cds with procs from trinkets in weak auras / power auras near eachother then u will see when most power will be on and grp smaller like engi gloves back proc from tailor or jade spir nearby to see when small dps procs are comming. i got it settled in 4 boxes shows the cooldown for my cds and the procs of strong trinkets so i can line them up nicely and refresh everything for full coefficient

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