View Poll Results: Do you frequently tab out the game/go afk during a flight path?

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  • No, I stay in game.

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  • Yes, I afk or tab out the game.

    128 85.91%
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    Unless I was talking in guild chat or something, I always tab out- I actually tend to favor the Flight Paths for longer distances, instead of using my flying mount, since it lets me do other things.

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    If im not chatting in guild or real ID I alt tab because I know the wyvern/bat/gryphon/drake isn't going to take the most direct route to the destination. It is going to go around mountains for no reason.
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    I'd like them more if there were a parachute dismount button that let you leave the path early if you fly over a rare mob.
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    I immediatly alt tab by habit, even if it's a very quick flight. Caused me some trouble back when Grim batol was still considered a hard dungeon with pug group, I alt tabbed when I was supposed to shoot with the drake ;d

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    Sometimes, but I usually just tab out and take a quick break.

    Some FP's are extremely slow because they take very odd routes. If you are insane and for some reason go from say moonglade to silithus, then you might as well take an hour break.

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    Usually tab out

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    I'll usually tab out to facebook on my other monitor, but sometimes I stay and watch if I'm feeling really bored and want to check something on AtlasLoot or something.

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    If I'm not scrolling through atlasloot or some other random addon, then I usually utilize it as a time to do some pushups, pull-ups, a minor chore, or take a bathroom break. It's a nice excuse for a break.
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    I always have something on my second screen or tv so no I am not paying attention during these times I also do this when normally flying from one place to another as well. I line it up as a straight shot and will browse forums or whatnot.

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    When they introduced connected flight points I stopped watching whiling on flight paths.

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    If it's a short one, I'll stay in game and probably chat with people or troll /general. If it's a long one then I afk to do stuff or just watch TV. Depends on the situation. Also, I'd rather actually use my ground mount and run from place to place, only use flight paths as a last resort (or if I have to do something quick IRL).
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    I like to look around at the things I'm passing, I might AFK every now and then on a taxi to go grab a drink/go to the bathroom, etc. But no more often than I'd do that autoflying on a mount.

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    I'd typically stay in the game most of the time, but on occasion I'll get up to do something quick (a drink, a quick snack etc.). In-game while flying? Look at missing achievements, unfilled reputations (Hmm, what to do next? ALL OF THEM!).
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    I still use the Bejeweled Addon, whilst flying.

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    I'm on a flight path right now

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    yes and it happens to be a bit too long and ofc THATS when the dungeon/raid queue pops

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    Dual screens, I'm flying somewhere right now. B)
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    There really should be something you can do while on a flight path, especially if it's a long distance. Maybe crafting? Or perhaps a minigame that lets you draft behind another flyers, catch "tradewinds", etc allowing you to move faster. Maybe have bombing-run style controls, and you can (if you feel so inclined) do a minor bit of damage (no tagging) and help random questers you fly over. Maybe make it like the SWTOR space system, but setup such that if you don't feel like doing any pewpew you'll still fly straight to your destination.
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    I'm generally talking to people and flying let's me talk/type without having to worry about it. I have two monitors though, so it depends what I'm looking at.

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    Most of the time that I used flight paths they only took a couple minutes so I would just watch. Other times I will minimize out and go on Youtube if it's a really long flight or just take a short nap if I'm tired (this is when I love flight paths).

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