View Poll Results: should pre mop ore and herbs be removed?

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  • yes they would server no purpose

    33 11.54%
  • no i think they may still have their uses

    227 79.37%
  • unsure/indifferent

    26 9.09%
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    This can't be a real thread.. why would you ever remove them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunderdragon2 View Post
    with the ability to level herbing and mining in pandaria now and the ability to level blacksmithing with only ghost iron dose any1 else think its about time to make engineering the same and get rid of the old world ore?

    theres going to be canges to proffessions next xpac. granted i may have missed somthign but they could just change everything for alchmey and inscripton t to need only mop herbs and with JC they said theres going to be very few gem slots so the could sinply just remove all the old stuff excpt for the jewelery and make them require mop mats.

    what do you guys think?

    poll inc
    While we are at it lets remove professions all together and have everything be world drops.

    Obvious sarcasm

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    I think they don't really have a purpose, but is it really necessary to remove them?
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    The best is to remove any form of leveling herbalism, mining, or disenchanting.

    Inscription already has the ability to transfer inks. So, the best solution is to allow any level character to pick/mine/disenchant any item they acquire. If they need ghost iron, and they are level 12 toon, then there should simply be a NPC that will trade them copper for ghost iron. May be expensive to trade up, but so be it.

    Lower level toons would rarely be able to farm for high level materials, so there still wouldn't be any issues.

    I am also not a fan of the simple items put in for blacksmiths. Remove them, let them farm ghost iron, exchange for copper with NPC and voila.

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    I think implementing a system like the cooking levelling would work best (Obviously not so dead easy). So basically you can level up your Black Smithing with just the MOP ores 1 - 600. If you want however, you can use old world Mats. That leaves everything intact, but for players rerolling profs less pain.

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