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    LF a Flex Raid this week.

    alright, i now I'm probably gonna get some hate for this but I'm a bit desperate. i have earned some paid vacation time that i got told i need to use before the year is up, so i have almost all of next week off. Now every week whenever i get a chance i have been trying to use Oqueue and Openraid.us to try and find a flex raid group, i have only managed to be able to get into 5 flex-1 and 2 flex-2, almost every group that is put together always asks for previous experience in the fights. I know they just made the raid finder x-realm and made some other minor tweaks to it but i don't see it panning out to well. I am a 543 fury warrior ( here is my armory, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...alexe/advanced ) and I'm looking for a group anytime from Wednesday till Saturday, if anyone is looking for an extra dps or has any advice on how i could find group please let me know.

    p.s. I'm the gm of a guild of family and friends and I'm not looking for a carry, i actually want to learn the encounters and work for the kills. i am a great listener and always bring food and my own flasks, i have looked up the fights however with that said i do have trouble just reading and understanding it right off the bat and would appreciate explanations. i do have vent and if needed i do have a 15 slot vent server.
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    well with 250 views and no replys i should just be glad i haven't got flammed at least. lol. anyways still looking and hoping to find a group this week.

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    I would recommend you use OpenRaid or oQueue or a similar addon to do this, posting here is unlikely to help.
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