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    Yeah, I did for the longest time. After awhile her and I met up and spent a bunch of time together, it was definitely worth it but in the end it didn't work out due to the distance and neither of us really had enough money to keep paying to fly to see each other. We stopped talking and ended up switching servers awhile after, I do wish it turned out better but then again, we were pretty young.

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    Wow's brought me something special, if it wasn't for wow, I'd not have fallen in love.

    Of course it was a bumpy road, before I meet them, and I meet guys via in wow and other warcraft connected sites, made friends this same way, but some of the guys who I meet i thought I'd develop feelings for ended up with just.. one thing in mind, and nothing else.

    thankfully, that all changed, thanks to roleplay, and now very much real life getting to be with them. If I had never become a wow addict, I'd never have meet them.

    strange how these things work out.


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    That's nice. WoW can be a venue for so much else it seems!

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    This story took place in a(n?) MMO other than WoW.

    Way back in the day, I played another MMO in my spare time. I played a healer named Bothi. This game had a quite small percentage of healers at the time, so it wasn't hard to make friends. Healing and buffing strangers in a mid-level quest zone, I met a warrior called Gypsy. I ended up questing with her for about an hour or so, then we added each other and keyed off. We played the game together and grew closer for the next two years. Her growing up and living in Brazil, we were unfortunately unable to communicate much outside of the game. Anyways, one day I go to log in, and my pass is invalid. I try to reset it, but the pass for my email had been changed too. I checked my character page and found that I had absolutely no gear and no gold left; I had been hacked. I reported this to the staff, but they have still yet to get back to me on it. I have tried to find her again in game, but she has always blocked whispers from people that aren't friends, leaving me roaming all of the game world at random times to try and find her. After about a couple of weeks I just give up. I still key in every now and then, but I haven't really played the game since.

    I didn't even remember this until I saw this thread. It's been over a year now. Thank you.

    EDIT: Just checked both of our character pages. My account has been played on and leveled since it was hacked, but hers is exactly the same as it was when I was hacked. Damn.
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    Awwwww! I hope you see her again!

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