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Thread: WoD and You

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    WoD and You

    Over a month has passed since the announcement at BlizzCon2013 and no new information has been released, are you still excited for WoD ?

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    Can barely wait. Just to relieve my thirst for all the new shiny stuff that will come with WoD I watch the announcement trailer every day.

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    Bloodsail Admiral Ticj's Avatar
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    Why wouldn't I be, seeing how no new information has been released, not much could really change my mind.

    (That I'm excited of course)

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    heck yes I am. so far I am feeling rather positive about the planned changes and additions to the game.

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    It's has potential to be cool but I don't have enough information of it yet so I'm undecided. Waiting for beta however many months away that is.

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    Well I'd prefer if there were no spoiliers at all, so everything would be new for everyone. All these betas, metas, getas, fetas are watering down the freshness and excitness for everyone...

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    I'm playing currently more than ever (and I'm actually enjoying it!) and it's funny because I didn't even have a second thought for MoP when I heard about it or when it launched. Only after the disappointment of GW2, I slowly crawled back to the game to realize it actually had stuff Cataclysm missed (end game).

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    Still dreaming about my dream Garrison, my new Tauren as he embraces a female much leather...if only...

    Lol wut? Oh! I thought we were still on crossbreeding in biology class!

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    I am Murloc! Zka's Avatar
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    Sure as hell I am. I hope the beta will start in a month and we'll have some leaks

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    The Patient Gorgash's Avatar
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    Oh so yes. This expansion has so much to offer, I am really looking forward to it. I'm gonna squeeze this expansion and savour every moment of it sloooowly. Exploring on foot, finding little things, easter eggs...
    I see it as a Timeless Isle Expansion, which is going to be the best thing for me

    Oh almost forgot! Once the beta phase begins, we'll be swimming in new informations, streams, videos for months! It's almost as exciting as the release of the particular expansion.
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    How about Grom's spirit returns to strike the final blow but slips on a goblin oil slick and accidentally decapitates a passing Cenarius.

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    No. Nope. No. Nope. Tauren are of a higher standard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KFI View Post
    No. Nope. No. Nope. Tauren are of a higher standard.
    Are you sure about that? If I remember correctly, practically half of all the Tauren joke and silly emotes pertain to..."entertaining particular ladies"...

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    I am not hyped for the expansion, but I am still quite excited that its coming. I really wish we got more info though, this is starting to get kinda lame imo..... if they do throw a beta at us within the next 4 weeks though, all will be redeemed.

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    Shiny new MODELS!

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    I'm excited, I think it has to the potential to be one of the best expansions in a while.

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    My disappointment knows no bounds.

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    I'm kind of neutral at this point. I really really loved Zangarmarsh from our version of Outland and I'm really disappointed that the zone doesn't exist and is just a stupid trench with a few decorations here and there in WoD.
    I'm hoping they change their mind and make it a zone at some point, but I won't hold my breath.

    I was completely underwhelmed by the MoP zones so I'm really not looking forward to more fields of various colored grasses with plus or minus a whole bunch of trees. I mean, they aren't doing Zangar (even in their books they reference Zangar pre-outland as a Draenei refuge), they took away the unique mountains of Blade's Edge (Gul'dan's shattering caused them apparently? wat) so basically I have no zones to look forward too.

    Nagrand is just gunna look like Valley of the 4 winds, Frostfire isn't gunna have its awesome blade's edge formations, Netherstorm apparently is empty and possibly in-accessible until 6.1, Hellfire is just Krassarang, Terrorkar is Jade Forest.

    Shadowmoon Valley looks promising.

    I guess I'm being really pessimistic but at least I might end up pleasantly surprised, so theres that. Which is nice.

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    New Models, Flexible raiding system, One-character boost to 90 to skip stuff you have done over a thousand times, Heroics being hard again, no flying till 6.1...
    I hate it.

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    I'm excited for 95% of what I've seen will be shipped at launch for WoD. The 5% I'm not excited about, I'll likely get over within the first couple of days.

    New models
    Visiting Old Draenor
    Cool new raid system
    Greater gear convenience
    Item squish
    More challenging dungeons/exploration
    Amazing-looking zones
    New world bosses

    WoD had me after the first three.

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    The Lightbringer Uzi's Avatar
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    I can't wait for more zone previews! aaargh

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