Thread: Honor Mounts?

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    Honor Mounts?

    I've purchuased pvp raptor for 2k honor points( I tough I will get some mount for ally characters too, but I didn't. Is it something wrong or just they are not account wide & both factions wide?

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    Horde/ally mounts are bought separately. But the raptor is pretty awesome,y?
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    Yes it is. But I wanted some nice mounts to ally too, its too bad those are separated :/
    Anyway, thanks for your answer.

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    All faction mounts are a specific mount, and do not transfer over. For example, buying the mechano-hog is different from a Mechineers chopper. The only one I know that transfers between factions is the bought gryphon/wyvern from 5.1, the one you earn from the achievement is cross faction as well, but you earn the achievement not buy the mount.

    Also don't PvP mounts not go account wide? Or just arena mounts. I know that if you xfer a horde toon to the alliance you will get access to the alliance equivalent though.

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