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    I have been using Pet battles. I am leveling a shaman who just hit lvl 40 and has never left Stormwind. Once he is at 60, I will take him to outland to pet battle, and so on and so on.
    I leveled 8 of my 11 level 90s from 85-89 via pet battles, simply hitting all the pandaria pet tamers once a day (By using a 2-team for each trainer and a leveling pet, I also got a significant chunk of my 140+ level 25 pets this way).

    I chose to stop at 89 instead of going all the way to 90 in order to give me an opportunity to get rid of my cata gear and to get a quick refresher course in how to play it.

    But, then again, I'm also the kind of person who likes dailies, so what works for me might not appeal to you.

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    I'm sitting at 10 of 11 90's so far. Around the..I want to say seventh one I got seriously burnt out. The last level felt like it took far longer than it should of and it was just draining because it was all so tedious at that point. I stopped playing for 4-5 months, when Ic ame back I finished them off. Honestly I'd say...WoD is still a ways off, so don't rush it. Set a goal of 1-2 going from 85-90 a month. It takes two days of focused play at most so that's more than enough time to do it without much effort and will help prevent burnout

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    Quote Originally Posted by Masoner View Post
    Got netflix?

    download a movie and listen to it in the background while you quest.

    I've beening listening to Farscape on Netflix while I quest in Outlands and now in Northrend.

    You can even listen to education / history stuff from youtube. Things that have your minds focus on while you do the quest.

    I understand what you mean of course. I'm actually leveling my 10th character and I'm enjoying it very very much. I guess that is what I enjoy most about MMORPG's taken a character and putting it through the story and building it.

    I like end game raiding, LFR is amazing and scenarios are perfect for what I enjoy. But in the end leveling characters is what I enjoy the most. of course the only thing left is a Female Gnome Rogue, which I may do next...

    BLASPHEMER. Why would you cut out a full half of the intended medium of an artwork by listening to an audio-visual representation. My ex roommate used to do this, put the TV on while she was looking at facebook or doing chores. Put music on instead! If you want to watch something, watch it with your eyes. You lose so much of the message when you only listen to it, especially Farscape, there are many scenes with no dialogue, just silence or vistas, plus explosions and visual cues to move the story along. So many big reveals are done in silence.

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    Go to the Timeless Isle, and kill the grub camps.. There are 5 of them, you can gain a level in 2 hours, and the EXP scales per level.. 89 to 90 was my longest level and that was 3 hours(frost mage aoe is pretty good though lol).. and have a full set of epics when u hit 90 from killing rares while you wait for the grubs to respawn.. Although u need 86 with good AoE or 87/88 with bad AoE..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whales96 View Post
    A good shortcut? Post less, quest more.
    See - you are the kind of person to give less than appropriate feedback towards posts like these. Which is why I don't bother taking your advice. ^_^

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    15-85, instance farming/boosting
    85-90, Get boosted by someone mass pulling worms and small turtles on timeless isle

    And get as many 300% exp elixirs u can

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    Ugh I did not enjoy leveling in dread wastes at all, which meant I had to do every single quest in kun Lai and townlong and still end up doing a few bars of dread wastes even post nef wasn't enough. I have givin up after 4. I much prefer how cataclysm leveling worked.

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    I've never understood why players are in such a rush to get to the end game. What's so great about it? Instead of doing a variety of quests for a few weeks with many new and exciting drops along the way you get to do the same set of dailies every day for valor points that you use to upgrade existing gear. You get to kill the same raid and world bosses every week and they drop the same old crap they've been dropping since day 1. What exactly is so compelling about the end of the game? The fact that you can become "the most powerful" player on your server until the next expansion drops? I just don't get it. If you think leveling's annoying I don't see how you can enjoy the end of the game either.

    That having been said, I would go with rested XP + dungeon runs if you want the fastest possible leveling experience.
    Quote Originally Posted by CandyCotton Marshmallows View Post
    People need to get over the gear color (and themselves). It doesn't matter, and it shouldn't matter what other players have either. Worry about your damn self. Live your life by that. If you want to concern yourself with someone else, then worry about HELPING them, not putting them down or making sure you stand out as better than them.
    Maybe the game would be better with more low DPS nice guys and fewer high DPS jerks? -- Ghostcrawler, Twitter, 6/29/13

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    If you have a tanking character - I cleared the left side's trash (before the water boss) of Temple of the Jade Serpent alone 5 times an hour. Ideally this method nets about 14mil exp \ hour, but it can only be done 5 times an hour (in other words, it takes around 15 minutes out of an hour). The grind is pretty boring, but the method is quite fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadowbathed View Post
    Alright - to start this off I'm just gonna say I respect the people that have so many 90's and dealt with the repetitiveness and I'm merely asking for help.

    Okay - I recently got my 4th 90 as I am trying to get the rest of my characters to 90 for WoD. But so far I have a Druid at 88 and a bunch more alts at 86. My big dilemma is that I'm just tired of the repetitive questing and I was curious if there is any way for "shortcutting" it? I know the rare method - but none of my friends want to or have enough time to fly me around killing rares.

    So help me please oh mystic MMOChamp community
    u cant grow tired :P with all the -33% exp til 85 and with all th exp gear u have there and exp from guild level....u just cant...its -70% exp 1-85

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    My tactic, with 10 levels 90s characters:
    - Make sure you are 100% rested.
    - Do quests (at 88 choose if you prefer to go Dread Wastes, Towlong or stick around in Kun-lai, THIS gives a lot of variation)!
    - Do every dungeon once, including the quests inside.

    It can be a good idea to stop levelling the char at 88 and let it rest a full week in an inn before continueing. I levelled up 5 chars within 2 weeks from 85 to 90 this way.

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    If you're Alliance AV weekend is still pretty good. I've basically leveled all of my 90s in there this xpac because the questing sucks so badly. Also dual monitors + watching whatever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronduwil View Post
    I've never understood why players are in such a rush to get to the end game.
    I don't even play end game on my alts. I just level them and gear them decently (timeless isle gear for now) and then farm transmog gear etc. I always do all quests for loremaster on my main and "main alt" and other toons just do "nice" quests when leveling.

    Dread wastes suck, thanks for leveling nerf, i don't need to go that zone.
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