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    What to watch for with TellMeWhen addon?

    As a fury warrior, what all should I use the TellMeWhen addon for?

    Currently, I am tracking:

    Battleshout, the icon appears when I don't have it up

    Colossus Smash, it shows time I have left to do my massive deeps

    That's it.. don't know what else to watch. Was thinking something like Enrage and stuff like that, to know if I need to use a Beserker Rage or something.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks a bunch.

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    I don't play a warrior but as fury there might not be much to track. Idk about TMW's functionality for tracking other players' cooldowns but you should have something for the CD's of and whether the buff is up for Skull banner/Rally/Demo banner since as far as I know they don't stack. Having trinket procs show up isn't bad, or internal cooldowns for your icd trinkets, but I would imagine a warrior is one of the classes that cares the least about that.

    Typically I use it for important buffs/debuffs/dots and to have some important spells more front and center. I try not to really look at my action bars, so TMW can be helpful in a bunch of ways if you want it to be, but as for the basics I think you have it. Also, I haven't used weakauras but apparently it can do all TMW can and more, or so I've heard.
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    TMW gets updated more frequently and has been so for a really long time so I want to stick with something I know will last.

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    colossus smash
    raging blow stacks / duration
    meat cleaver stacks / duration
    bloodsurge stacks / duration
    trinkets icd and uptime
    maybe t16 4pc if you have it
    skull banner

    thats all i can think of atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karjis View Post
    How to track trinket ICDs with TMW?
    Internal Cooldown. You will need to specify the ICD timer though, addons don't know this.

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    This is what i track as a warrior

    Best regards

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