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    Can't stress the advice to 2 heal this encounter enough. Especially on your first kill. When we first started working on him we were constantly getting the 3rd intermission (which might as well be a death sentence). Once we dropped down to 2 heals and made some adjustments to how DPS were doing things, we got some really great gains! For us (and every group will be different) we blow Heroism in Phase 2 to cut down the amounts of Empowered Whirling Corruptions we had to deal with. Once we got that in line with our other cooldowns it was constant Phase 3s and then cleared. Keep at it, work with your team and enjoy the encounter!

    As a good point of reference, your DPS should be doing an average of 200K throughout the entire fight. Tanks are included in that.

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    Looking at the logs from your longest attempt:

    your dps need to focus more on single target on garrosh and not worry about the adds.

    i reccomend leaving an iron star up and getting the boomkin to use typhoon and knock the adds into it, this will kill them.

    more single target on the boss would make it die faster, it would transition better.

    2 healing would be a really good start.

    also try saving lust till p3, as soon as garrosh hits 10% in p3, blow lust, and nuke him. the hp damage done will transfer to the 25% he heals with.

    i also reccomend you get your dps to use there 2/3-6min cds off the bat on the pull, and then as soon as they are up again but not to use them more then twice, before garrosh gets to 10%, otherwhise they will not be up for lust, which you should use when the boss gets to 10%

    this way you should only get 1 empowered in garrosh's last phase, and you can more or less ignore the adds and nuke the boss.

    also having your people stack during normal whirlings and loosely stack during empowered whirlings is good.

    our guild when we do it, we spread out wait for puddles then run to a stack point after the 5 puddles have appeared, letting us know where the adds are going to spwn.

    i also reccomend 2 healing, the shaman of course cause of the nice aoe healing, and asking one of the priests to go disc, cause then they can attonement heal, and also dps. while healing or better yet 3 heal it and have both priests go disc for attonement healing and spirit shell it helps a buttload having spirit shell.
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    Originally Posted by Ghostcrawler

    If you are trying to AE tank and a bad dps is attacking the wrong target and dies, we call that justice.

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    The druid tank has no idea what hes doing.His spell usage and rotation are off
    Hes swiping on cool down it seems even single target,Hes not using lacerate at all.Hes using some stamina enchants aswell which isnt optimal
    he only used beserk twice in a 11 minute pull,He didnt use incarnation at all??

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