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    I'd agree with you if mods like greenlight didn't take the place of the skill involved. I think Blizz pretty much felt the same way. Not to say that dynamic dots won't have their own nuances. Since everyone's getting a pestilence type ability, spread your dots, pop PI, and any on use cds. Watch stuff drop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShottyMcShot View Post
    R.I.P. Snapshotting. The only thing separating Goods from greats and one of the great nuances of playing a dot class that kept me loving Shadow priests and feral druids so much Will get to watch more tv while I raid now so as not to get too bored., lol
    Don't give up on feral. They're keeping snapshotting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lazu View Post
    Unequipping Immerseus and reequipping it will trigger the full IcD.As far as i know RPPM trinkets are reset as soon as you enter Boss Combat( might be wrong though but i never experienced any issues with BBoYS).
    Tested it and you're right. The difference between 0 and 3 orbs is huge. They fixed Moonkin Eclipse in MoP (Ancestral Communion) I hope they fix Shadow Orb in WoD #notrerollingyet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackmorgrim View Post
    "But in regards to the rotation, the 'dotless spec' would probably have 5 buttons at you said. Although, with the current implementation of SWD glyph, it wouldn't really be part of the rotation except for movement. SWD outside of execute range is pathetic, and if I'm going to spend a gcd on SWD or MS, MS will trump it hands down. Glyph of mind spike would probably be more likely, however. Outside of execute, the main rotation would be 4 buttons.

    Also, I'd have to say Mindbender would almost be a requirement in that spec. Without the mana regeneration from VT, the dotless spec would burn through mana like a fiend. Mindbender would need to take up that slack, and it probably still wouldn't be enough. The dotless spec would probably act similar to arcane in respect to mana consumption, which means it would need to have some decently high output. Otherwise you'd have to resort flopping back and forth from dotless mode to regenerating mana with VT.
    You assume you never dot up anything. This is not true. You can dot up the boss with VT for mana and mind spike targets with low TTL. Case in point: Norushen (esp farm).
    "When i am done with you, you won't trust your own mind."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dierdre View Post
    Don't give up on feral. They're keeping snapshotting.
    If I recall its only tiger's fury that's retaining snapshotting, they'll be losing the mastery/crit/attackpower snapshotting just like we are.

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    At Blackmogrim - The game's biggest weakness thus far, in my opinion, is that it has yet to capture (or recapture, I really enjoyed WotLK) a balance between content that the hardcore and the non-hardcore (not to be confused with the fluctuating definition of "casual") in regards to PvE. Now, Mythic difficulty may very well provide that distinction; we shall see. My point is that min/maxing, and building the game around min/maxing caters to one kind of player, the hardcore. Cataclysm, for it's myriad of problems, was rife with features that really appeared to the hardcore endgame players. This was a terrible design because while these might be the community within the game that receives a lot of press, it is not by any means representative of the larger player population, and creates a game environment that is more frustrating than challenging.

    The reason I have my feelings about min/maxing and call it tripe, has to do with the entire concept that people should bring players based on their capability as a player, not on theoretical figures that estimate performance. And contrary to what anyone on here claims, any guild that has even the faintest illusion of being "competitive" (side note: unless you're fighting for top 5/faction or top 10/server, give it a rest, there's no reward in rushing through content and stressing out over it unless your ego desperately needs that realm wide achievement, and unless you're in the top 3 of competitive guilds, it's not even something to fantasize about) will arrange it's raid comp based on the largest mathematical gain possible, ESPECIALLY when it's something as noticeable as ~12-15% in performance. And as for achievements which lead to things like mounts? Rushing through content, while devoting as much time to this game as one would at a part time, or in some cases full time job, is not fun, especially with the kind of things raid leaders wind up saying to their groups as they get frustrated (10 guilds worth of degenerate, negative put downs that never address personal failure or the failure of their friends later and I said goodbye to even "casual" raiding). Is Blizz heinously bad at releasing content in a timely fashion? Oh yes, in fact, the only people who should be paying subscriptions from this point out are people who are devoted to PvP - the expansion won't be out for 4, probably 5 months, and the fact that you'd be paying a fee to test their beta for them is ludicrous.

    Let's be honest: Anyone who makes the argument that they want to play their class the "way they want to," when it conflicts with what is, by consensus, the most effective, is just bad at the game, because people should want to be as effective as possible, and if they can't figure it out on their own, and they're not willing to research better ways, then they're not worth playing with. The problem is when the game is designed in such a way as to make a class/spec not competitively viable, and the bigger problem is when that difference is small (by Blizz's definition), such as 3-5%, and people STILL get blackballed because they won't theoretically perform as well as another class/spec. What makes me hopeful for this next Xpac is that GC is FINALLY gone. I won't go into why I feel that way, as there is a War and Peace amount of opinion on his contributions to past problems.

    In a perfect world, there wouldn't be any pvp in wow. A developer who left Blizz a couple years ago said that it was the feeling of many of the design team that adding arena was one of the worst decisions they made, and that their primary motivation was getting involved in that sweet, sweet competitive pvp tournament scene (the money from advertising specifically). Battlegrounds, in classic, were a fun diversion, and not taking to the degree of seriousness that makes the keyboard smashingly frustrating. PvP applies to such a small % of the overall playerbase, and yet it has such a massive impact on the way PvE is designed. It's very frustrating. The same is true for catering to the less than 1% of the playerbase devoted to the lifestyle of hardcore-competitive-world-first PvE raiding. Hopefully the dramatic simplifications that Blizz is advocating for WoD will help with that design problem.

    And lastly, keep this in mind - Shadow wasn't originally envisioned as a legitimate damage specialization. It made for great fun in PvP in classic. It made for great fun in PvP in BC (well, when combined with other classes) and was a delicious support-oriented mana battery in PvE. It was meh in PvP and semi-meh to decent fun in PvE in Wotlk. It was decent fun in PvE and PvP in Cata until it was nerfed. It's been unappealing throughout MoP across the board. The alternative play style approach of PEWPEWPEW instead of DOTDOTDOT is something that may give the game a breath of fresh air. And I FIRMLY believe the developers will do everything they can to balance it with a more dot-centric play style. Some fights it might do better or worse on, but there you go min/maxers, they're throwing you a bone! And as for the mana issue - has anyone considered that Dispersion is more than than just a life-saving tool? Sure there are some fights where you really wanna have it waiting in the wings for that soul-crushing boss ability, but some mage specs rely on evocating, and that's technically down-time for them too. Obviously Shadow will need some tweaking to make a new, no-dots-on-primary-target playstyle the peak of viability, but hey, it's not like the Xpac is launching tomorrow.

    If Blizz wants to diversify Shadow via a talent option, then let them, it could very well wind up making the class as compelling and complex as it was in previous expansions. Being pigeon-holed is a bad thing, not a good thing. Give it a chance to be great (and when it disappoint, THEN you can release your rage on the official forums).

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