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    New to felguard what is best applications of its abilities?

    I have hotkeyed the stun, but question should I be hotkeying the aoe attack?

    Also did they get rid of felstorm? i dont see it yet but i just got the felguard.

    any advice for leveling up and world pvp stuff as well as quests/dungeons is welcome

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    Legion Strike is casted automatically whenever you have sufficient amounts of energy.

    Felstorm is available at a higher level for the felguard.

    As for leveling, the felguard is decent at holding aggro, but dies quickly. I would use the glyph that increases its HP by 20% so its a bit more "tanky".
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    When you get Felstorm it goes under your Command Demon ability and using Felstorm on cooldown is a single target dps increase. If there is about to be some aoe save it until then of course.

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    Best applied to the soft bits of your worst enemies

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    In general, try to line up your felstorm with trinket procs or cooldowns. Its cooldown is shorter than most cooldowns like Dark Soul, though, so you can throw in extra felstorms between them.

    Depending on how easy it is for you to hit your pet keys, you may or may not want intercept on auto-cast. Legion strike should pretty much always stay on auto-cast and there's not much reason to keybind/macro it.

    In my experience, sometimes you have to press felstorm several times in a row if your pet is mid-legion strike when you press it the first time.

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    Also, for general questing, dungeon, and PvP advice:

    The felguard with threatening presence is good enough to tank (hold aggro) and kill pretty much any overworld mob, short of tougher elites. Also, his stun is very useful for interrupting annoying spell casts or preventing fleeing or movement. The stun is ranged, even though his other attacks are melee. Against tough single mobs, though, the voidwalker will hit harder and survive better than the felguard.

    For AoE, felguard is easily the best. His legion strike holds AoE threat relatively well, and felstorm is really powerful on groups of mobs (as well as pretty good on single enemies).

    For dungeons or situations when you don't want your pet to tank, please make sure to turn OFF both your felguard's threatening presence (left-click/keystroke) and the auto-cast for it (right-click). Some people try to turn off the aura, but leave auto-cast enabled, or turn off the auto-cast but leave the aura active. Either way won't work alone.

    The felguard is pretty much the best pet for most PvP applications, as he has a gap closer, a stun, burst AoE, and a minor healing debuff. Succubus can be useful for extended mesmerizing sometimes, but it shares a diminished returns category with fear, meaning if you fear and seduce the same target, it rapidly becomes immune to both spells. You can, however, fear and seduce two separate targets, though. I almost always PvP with my felguard, regardless.

    If you take Grimoire of Service as a talent, Grimoire: Felguard will stun the target when summoned (from range, with his axe toss), then charge the target, then felstorm. This makes him a very powerful and situationally useful (for the stun) demon to use with Service.

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    Yeah, mostly been said already. You dont really want to have a Fel Storm waiting for a min to be used so you will end up "almost" using it on cooldown.
    But yeah, like said earlier if its off cd and dark soul comes up in 5 and your going to pop dark soul dont use fel storm before

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