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  • Mage

    5 4.42%
  • Death Knight

    9 7.96%
  • Warlock

    5 4.42%
  • Paladin

    37 32.74%
  • Demon Hunter

    6 5.31%
  • Priest

    0 0%
  • Hunter/Ranger

    0 0%
  • Warrior

    12 10.62%
  • Druid/Arch Druid

    15 13.27%
  • Shaman/Farseer

    19 16.81%
  • Rogue/Assassin

    3 2.65%
  • Monk

    1 0.88%
  • Tinkerer

    1 0.88%
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    Question Most iconic class in Warcraft/WoW?

    Is it the Hellfire reigning Warlock? The courageous Warrior? How about the Light driven Paladin, or master of the arcane Mage?
    What say you?

    Poll Inc. will have some classes on it not in WoW-currently.

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    Dreadlord Fiana's Avatar
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    Druid ofc.
    Mage-warrior-paladin can be found in any other rpg.

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    The Log wielding, calf rearing, Tauren badass.

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    Depends on the situation. Most of WC3 was about following Arthas, meaning Paladin to Death Knight. As for WoW I would say Mage and Warrior.

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    I'd say paladin, seen plenty of them in wc3

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    From a lore point of view? Simply the Shaman.
    The orc Ner'zhul became the first Lich King.
    Zuluhed on Draenor too.
    The Grimtotem-clan.
    Nobundo taught the Draenei, and leads the Shaman Brotherhood.
    The Earthern Ring.
    Lately we've encountered the Dark Shamans from under Orgrimmar.
    Motherf*cking Thrall?
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    Shaman because Thrall.

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    It was a tough call. The Shaman and Paladin are equal, and without a doubt they share the top spot. But this was a poll that did not allow two votes. So I had to set them aside. Of the remaining classes the Death Knight, Demon Hunter and Tinker are the three most distinctive and specific to the Warcraft universe (the monk would be on there too, if it were a Pandaren monk, but I'm leaving races aside). I left Death Knights aside after considering how common the tropes are that they embody.

    At this point it came down to preference. Demon Hunters and Tinkers, and I don't care where you stand on this issue, both scream Warcraft. The outlines, the abilities, the personalities. Any art that contains one is instantly recognizable as Warcraft art. But I went with Tinkers, because I've seen more dark, gritty blade wielding antiheroes in fantasy works than I've seen mad scientists, and because that's one of the things I love about them.

    But honestly, it wouldn't be Warcraft without all of the poll options. Take one out and it's not the same universe. They're all iconic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lunchbox2042 View Post
    Ahh, WoW, the game that gives cosplayers a reason to dress up like medieval fantasy hookers.

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    I would say Paladins and Shamans, paladins because the Alliance always been plenty of them, and same reason about Shamans for the Horde, they're the prow of the factions they're the icon for.

    There's also the Death Knight since it's related to the scourge, one of WC3's faction.

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    As much as I wanted to say Death Knight, probably Paladin. Many of the game's biggest characters have been paladins, and overall, when I think of WoW, Paladin is probably the first class that comes to mind.

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    Paladin and Death Knight, but I voted for Paladin.

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    Paladin, Warlock, Shaman are the ones that make the most sense to me. I went with paladin since shaman are usually boring till they become warlocks anyway.

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    I think Paladin is the most associated class with any nerdy games.

    Although it was a hard choice, I'd pick Paladin or Warrior or Death Knight to be honest.

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    Paladin, Druid, or Shaman. They seem to have the most lore.

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    Paladins and Death Knights, because Arthas.

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    I have to go with shaman. Shaman in wow are completely unique apart from any other RPG I've ever played - I agree with others that Paladin would be the other choice, but Paladin is a very common RPG archetype.

    There is a shaman in Dungeons and Dragons, but it's waaaaaaaaay way different from the wow shaman - DnD shaman looks much more like how wow druids are, using nature and animal spirits.

    So to me, "iconic" isn't just about "most popular class in wow," but rather most unique class that stands out versus all other fantasy games. Shaman fits that bill for me.

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    That pole makes me giggle. Paladins make me think of D&D far more than WoW.

    But Druid makes me think of WoW, since no one seems to be demanding one for D3.

    And WildStar has an Engineer, as well as Guild Wars 2.

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    warlock dk id say.
    There is no Smoke without a Fire.

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    I would still have to say Deathknight. Every RPG has a paladin class, and a Warlock class.

    Deathknights are Necromatic Knights that raise the dead, its a bit more evil than a Dark Knight. Warcraft 3's biggest selling point was the Scourge led by the Lich King. They are the most memorable and iconic imo.

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