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    Frost Mage Seeking Help!

    Hello fellow mages, i'm currently frost as you'll see from my armory in a few paragraphs, im getting slag from my guildmates who wont let me raid, or do participate in any raidergames... bad pun i know but it is christmas soon.... anywho... i do the usual frost rotations as read on icyveins. I use recount and notice my dps fluctuates alot, on some garrosh attempts i could get 189k other attempts i get like 115-150k dps. I understand that could be from lack of paying attention, the rng god loved me on one attempt hated me on others.

    Reason i'm writing this post is just to ask if there's anything i could do change up my chants/reforge/gems whatnot i use askmrrobot for my needs, guildy told me about reforgelite but cant for the life of me understand how to use the thing like askmrrobot tells me 1 thing reforgelite tells me another.

    Was wondering if there's also if my gear would let me go back to fire, as i love fire and am only frost because it was best for my passed ilvl,


    Any help would be appreciated
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    Supernova: Cause a pulse of Arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them up.

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    Your char is fine imo. I'm using amr too.
    this is my char. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...anonz/advanced
    I'm doing like 230-250k dps but I only do lfr and never use flasks and pots.
    2set bonus would improve your dps but the main issue probably is that you dont spam dem buttons.
    I believe that you are able to manage your rotation, keep invocation up and your bomb too. Just spam your buttons harder and dont move like a mad man. else you are wasting too much time. you are using ice floes. dunno about that. I'm using blazing speed for fun but sometimes its kinda cool cause you can move faster and dont lose dmg if you have procs. I guess it doesnt really matter which one you prefer.

    PS: your dmg should be slightly higher than mine according to simdps. Don't be fooled by the fact that I only "raid" lfr. I raided on a pretty high level in tbc and wotlk and my execution is pretty flawless but nontheless you should be able to do like 250k dps on garrosh with your gear.
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    Yea i was a hardcore raider in TBC but times change and i cant do that level of commitment anymore haha IE got a job, and a wife :P sad thing is i never really use icy flows thanks for the input
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Supernova: Cause a pulse of Arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them up.

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    - AMR puts you at 34.6% crit (with a complete re-gemming / reforging)... that's a bit low to go fire.

    - don't expect to do 250-300k on garrosh with ilvl 555 (at least on 10). Paying attention to what happens will lower your dps on progression. (also if you look at epeenbot, 250-300k range is the 75-95 percentile. All the heroic raiders not yet 14H doing garrosh on normal, are inflating the numbers and you can't compete with them )

    i'd say that to down it, you need ~220k dps to be confortable (which will give you a ~ 10 minute encounter if the 6 dps of the group are pulling that).

    without log nor tactics you use, it's a bit hard to give you precise advices.

    I've found an old log of you on a flex run from 21 october, so perhap's you've already addressed issues i found.


    - You ran without armor. Do not forget to activate it (frost armor for frost). Anytime you change a talent or a glyph, it falls and needs to be refreshed.
    - Your invoker energy uptime needs to be increased to 90%+ (protectors : 55%, sha of pride : 62%)
    - You seems to be refreshing it too early : 6 cast on a 6:04 fight, but only 55% uptime
    - You're not using your procs: 31 brain freeze, 16 frostfire bolt (sha of pride fight)
    - You're using ice lance without procs (can happen on movement, but for 1/3 of them, on a fight with light mvt like sha ?) : 63 ice lance, 37 finger of frost
    - your bomb uptime needs to increase : 58% / 52% is a bit light
    - use the right bomb for the right fight : nether tempest on multi target fights (like protectors), living bomb for one target fights.

    There is lot of thing to react to, and weakaura is a very valuable tool for that. You can find on the mage threads weakaura strings to follow all of these points (invoker energy missing, bomb missing on your target), freeing your mind from those maintenance tasks and be able to focus more on reacting to procs (brain freeze, finger of frost, the metagem & trinkets) and moving out of the fire.

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    With the stuff mentioned above, it seems you dont have the 2 set bonus, get that and you will see a big difference.

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    Without logs to look at the three main contributors to low frost dps tend to be the following:

    1. low bomb uptime
    2. low invocation uptime
    3. excessive movement or not always casting, remember your ABC's (Always Be Casting)
    4. forgetting to use a water elemental (Yes, it happens)

    Sidenote: With the change to our mastery, frost is probably the least rng dependent mage spec currently. Which is why I like to use it on progression since I can count on always pulling the same amount of dps. Our fire mage with fluctuate a lot between attempts and when I play arcane, arcane missiles just hates me on most pulls.

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    I would go fire once you have at least your 2pc bonus, 4pc would be optimal.

    You seem to have a lot of SoO normal kills, I have to imagine somewhere in your bags you have at least one other tier piece, and if you have some other crit pieces lying around, that would help. I was raiding just fine with 2t16/2t15 at 550 ilevel as fire. Yes my dps would dive on occasion, but mostly I just couldn't pad meters as much as my raid team had tons of "lolAoE" from warlock, shaman, hunter, warrior, plus our warlock was a ridiculous meter padder (dotting non kill bosses on paragons for example).

    Make sure you coin roll on Immerseus though, Normal PBoI will be a significant upgrade to the flex version.

    You should be able to pull over 200k as fire consistently assuming you have at least the 2pc tier bonus at your gear level.

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    Thank you all for the updates, i had my 2p bonus but got the warforged pants and broke the bonus, my times currently up gotta wait till payday to reactivate. And yea, ive ran into the fact that i forgot to resummon my water ele lol, and ive ran several runs without armor up. I figure its up, but thank you again for your feedback i will implement or try to remember to implement the fixes as soon as i can
    Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
    Supernova: Cause a pulse of Arcane energy around the target enemy or ally, dealing Arcane damage to all enemies within 8 yards, and knocking them up.

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    change ur cleave trinket, its absolutely useless for this fight. the equip will do absolutely 0 dmg after phase 1 is over. if u dont have black blood or totem (even the lfr ones wud be better) then go for the tot trinkets or even the 535 timeless one

    edit : also i dint look at ur gemming last time, gem full int ( int/haste on yellow sockets, int/hit on blue). as long as u stay over 9500 or so haste (not sure the exact breakpoint) int is way better at ur gear level
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