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    Disc mana queries

    So i was bored today and decided to actually use my disc set on my spriest and go into LFR (if you're curious).
    Now I don't have any logs to provide as I was just playing around but as I was going through the LFR (only did protectors and nurushen /lolspelling) it felt like I was oom'ing more then i figure i should be with almost 10k spirit
    As far as how I was playing i was just using atonement heals with PW:S for rapture and keeping PoM on the tanks and Divine Stars whenever i thought it wouldn't be wasted and PoH Spirit Shells for a couple Calamities (failed to time it right most of the time though haha) but even with Mindbender on CD and Hymn of Hope i was still so oom at the end i could barely PW:S the tank for Rapture.

    Is there anything in there that you think I'm doing wrong or? (I'm quite aware that my gems and gear isn't optimized nor have i enchanted much if any of this gear)

    Not really sure what else to add of if it's even reasonable to ask for help without logs but ask I shall. Thanks for your time.

    Edit: Is 4 PoH the most I'm going to get out during Spirit shell?
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    That's about how much spirit I run, but with a legendary meta, a better trinket, and usually a reliable mana tide. I would probably go up to 14-15k static spirit in your case (or put a legendary meta in that helm).
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    PoM is a mana eater, save it for meta procs or for pulse dmg (nourushen with an orb out), same with PWS, try not to use it without a meta proc or emergency.

    Using legendary gem procs with rapture helps ALOT

    Went and did 25normal with my broken weakauras, without knowing when it was up I was oom'ing with under 7k spirit where I would have no problems usually :\

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yakobro View Post
    PoM is a mana eater, save it for meta procs or for pulse dmg (nourushen with an orb out), same with PWS, try not to use it without a meta proc or emergency.
    What? PoM is one of if not our highest HPM spell.

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    The 9k (more or less) spirit that most disc priests run with assumes you have the legendary meta. Otherwise you'll have to increase your spirit by 25% if not more, it all depends on how good you are at using the procs with rapture etc.

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    The legendary is HUGE when it comes to mana. It felt like 8k with meta gave me more mana than 12k and no meta did.
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    Quote Originally Posted by langning View Post
    What? PoM is one of if not our highest HPM spell.
    But in comparison to the rest of our toolkit, it's still pricey. If it's not bouncing, don't continue casting it on CD. It's a waste. The HPM accounts for it bouncing fully, and greatly diminishes each time it doesn't bounce.


    I ran 11.5k spirit before the meta gem during heroic ToT. I was 10m with limited mana CD's. It was a bit tough but I just had to very carefully track rapture (used to be a bit nicer, 150% of the cost rather than 100%). I'd say now with the change to rapture and no meta, potentially 12k would be perfect.

    4 casts is about what you're going to get, outside of Heroism or the 4pc (or haste, which I don't recommend stacking). Leading into it with borrowed time from PW: S nearly always guarantees me 4 casts.

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    Personally I try to pop rapture on cooldown, meta or not, then just spam out shields or whatever other insta spells I feel would be appropriate at any given situation during procs. It saves a ton of mana and obviously has the potential of getting free mana back from rapture. If the stars align, you'll get to pop something like a Halo during it.

    So yeh, get the Metagem

    4x PoH is the most you can get during a Spirit Shell these days, unless you can get the cast time down to < 2 sec with lots and lots of haste or 4p, Hero, Power Infusion etc.

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    the main reason disc uses low spirit builds is the legendary meta gem, if you can get 2-3 shields per use and the occasional L90 talent with 1-2 shields then that saves you 30-50k mana each LMG proc, not to mention shields with rapture off cd during the meta gem will gain you the cost of a shield mana back without having to spend any in the first place netting a large amount of mana gains.

    Largest mana gains for a disc is either solace with fiend, or mindbender, thats around 500k per 6 min fight, rapture also can net around 500k per 6 min fight and then you have hymn of hope for at least around 80k mana and depending on trinkets if only using one it should net 100-150k back giving a disc a large amount of mana to use.

    I usually use 2 shields on both tanks whenever possible, most of the time i will atonement heal until the meta procs then depending on whats needed or if i need to save the L90 for something soon i will either get 2-3 shields or 1-2 shields and a L90 off for free, sometimes i just use the L90 for damage if its not really needed to heal but primarily use it during procs if im using halo due to its high mana cost.
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    As said above most disc priests with low spirit have other means of regaining or saving mana which they don't mention.

    Norushen and Protectors are both relatively mana intensive fights due to the usage of PoM and dispells. Especially the dispelling eats through my mana every time. Heroic Protectors (and heroic Thok) is actually the fight I fit my spirit levels for everything else is easier on the base mana usage.

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    Don't let Spirit fool you. Disc Priests that drop alot of Spirit also has really high mana regains from either Blackfuse Trinket, Darkglow Embroidery, Mindbender etc.

    TL;DR for How to Disc:

    Atonement Healing: Stack Crit. Reforging, Gemming, you want alot of Crit, and make use of the 2set bonus from SoO Tier.
    Mastery Healing: Very unusual but I like it on some fights, Stack Mastery, use your High Shields to protect people, make sure you have alot of Spirit.

    General rule of thumb tho, both are good and should be combined, thats how you win as Disc Priest. For instance, I reforge my Spirit to Mastery/Crit, depending on what 2ndary stat the item have. So that i get both Mastery and Crit on all my items, and then i gem Crit cuz 70% of your healing is via Atonement/Divine Aegis.

    Good Luck
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