Hi everyone!
For my master studies in the Netherlands I'm researching corporate social responsibility and how it can be best communicated. For this I'm doing a study right now and need a lot of respondents to fill out the questionnaire. As it is very hard to motivate people to take the time for this (takes about 10 mins) I wondered if I might find here a couple of people willing to do so. I spend a lot of time in this form reading, but never actually had the courage to make a thread myself. Now I'm rly in need of ur help, so I thought I might just try. I would be very grateful - Thanks in advance!

The survey is completely anonymous and results will be used for research purposes only. There is no company involved whatsoever.

As I can't post it as link, maybe somebody with the right to do so would be so kind and post the page: utwentebs.eu.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_4I10rIN1vaQJvMN as a link? Thank you again.