Thread: treecalc ?

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    treecalc ?

    have anyone seen or found a treecalc that's up to date ? just a 5.4 would be fine doesn't have to be a 5.4.2 xD

    but I would love to see one tho :3 plzz help :3

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    it's in the thread on ej like always, not entirely up to date, but still works decently for stat weights, not really a full update though, so haste may include efflo breakpoints or that no longer exist and maybe 75% SotF, but should include a lot of it (I haven't used it this patch), but supposedly it includes the new mechanics and changes

    still with all the same drawbacks on mana consumption and not perfect in dealing with wasted procs, especially the LMG, but still working fairly well as long as you're just using it for stat weights and which item will be stronger upgrades
    hit up hamlet on his twitter if you there's anything you can't find an answer to w/ google or already on his blog or ej

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