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    Returning from 12 month break- Where to? What have i missed?


    So as the title said I'm returning from a 12 month forced break due to health issues, this is my second week back and I'm looking for a little guidance on where to start (trying to get raid ready asap), so far since my return I spent a couple of days grinding rares on the timeless isle for those tokens and the quest for the 535 token and have done full clears of lfr ToT and SoO. I won a shoulder token in ToT and when I was cashing it in I noticed there was another vendor selling gear for valor is there an SoO equivalent vendor selling gear for valor? I think i read somewhere the warforged seals work in real raids normal and HM's not 100% sure? If they do since there's a cap of ten on them should i be saving these and only spend them to prevent capping?

    I noticed locks with green fire now that's pretty awesome, the book dropped for me already I'm planning on getting around to it when I get time tho tbh i think i like the red/orange fire better. I also noticed some locks with like tentacle wings or something they look pretty cool how are people dong that?

    I also just finished part one of the legendary and got the gem and now need to complete a test of valor.

    So is there anything I'm missing PVE wise to get gear?

    Is there any really cool quests or lore stuff I've missed out on beside the green fire quest?

    Is there anything else you would recommended i should be doing or is worth checking out? both for gearing and or lols

    Any insight or advice you could pass along would be greatly appreciated

    Thanks Ark

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    There is not a Valor vendor equivlent to ToT Valor vendor. Only way to grind gear at this point is grinding rare in Timeless like you've done so far.
    I assume you you benefit from buying gear from a JP vendor in Towlong Stepps. He sells 489 epic gear which would be a great start for you, if you had some bad luck on getting Timeless 496 gear.

    Warforged Seals works in the new raid SoO: LFR, Flex, Normal and Heroics. In your case I would spend Seals on either LFR and prio certain bosses where you can get multiple items, or if you have friends that can boost you around in Flex. You want to save them for Flexible runs instead!

    Hope this helps you get started atleast, and good luck!

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    We're at a closer. tbh you should've subbed at the start of SOO. if i were you i would just wait for WOD, or pre WOD patch.

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    Well, I would recommend taking a trip over to the Isle of Thunder, this isn't going to get you much gear but lore/story wise it was a pretty great time. There's 6 little mini solo scenarios as you unlock parts of the island. There also the Isle of Giants, not much do there though if you like grinding mobs, you can eventually get yourself a nice looking Bone White Primal Raptor. The 5.1 patch had some fun story elements, you can access these on the beach of Krasarang. You'll start a quest to build your factions fortress and from there an interesting "daily-esque" story line ensues.

    A lot of what took place for the story for SoO happened in patch 5.3 and was more of a one time deal, so you've missed that one, though to be honest, you missed very little. There is however the Brawlers Guild, you can either get an invite giving to you, buy one off the Black Market Auction House, or a low drop chance off the mobs in Lower Krasarang. Lots of fun an interesting bosses to help get you more accustomed to your character again. Also along those lines is the new Proving Grounds, again while providing no gearing options, they are some what mini training levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold and Endless tiers (a title is given if you can reach Endless 30).

    As for gearing, making sure that you kill one of the Celestials (on the timeless isle, right in the middle there) will give you a chance at your tier gloves/pants. The other boss Ordos can only be accessed once you have the Legendary Cloak and you are still a ways from that. The cloak and meta you get from the legendary quest are pretty big upgrades over all so making sure you do as much as you can each week on those will probably be the most important thing you can do.

    If you left before item upgrades were added, there is a guy where the transmog/void storage/reforge guys are that can upgrade your gear an additional 8 item levels (this is probably the best place you can spend your valor once you have pieces above the 522 level). From there I would strive to get involved in an normal ToT runs as well as pushing to get into SoO Flex runs. Flex is a new difficulty above LFR but below Normal, dropping Ilvl 540 gear. You will have a hell of time getting into one of these groups unless you have a guild willing to take you but just keep spamming trade chat and try to at least get a run for the first two SoO wings. They've implemented a cross realm raid browser (somewhat hidden, you can find it if you go to your friends page, click the raid tab on the bottom right and then up top where it say OTHER RAIDS, click the Flex runs you want to join and wait for someone to invite you). Other than that, the occasional trip through the Timeless Isle will hopefully nab you a few more Burdens of Eternity so you should be able to get a few more 535 pieces.

    Other than that, keep running SoO LFR for your 528 pieces. Heroic Scenarios have been added but these will only provide 516 gear and even then very rarely. Save your valor for upgrading armor and most important try to get your SoO trinkets. They also make a pretty big difference.
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    Hit 90 > Timeless Isle Farm to get 496 > LFR to 528 and go find Flex.

    U can get ready after hitting 90 for SOO LFR in 1 hour :P

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    SoO has no VP vendor, buy the IoT ones if you think you won't get an upgrade in that slot for a while. Your only other use for VP is item upgrades which you don't really need until you start getting good drops you won't replace for a decent span of time (weapons and trinkets are good to upgrade for example).

    You should get raid ready from TI pretty fast, just farm whatever there and eventually you'll get a few tokens. Upgrade Timeless gear strategically based on what other pieces you're likely to get. Also do Celestials and Ordos every week if you can.

    Speaking of Ordos, you want to start the cloak quest chain if you haven't already. It takes a long time but it also mostly progresses itself (aside from some running around and rep grinding between each set of raid drops). If you want to fast track the earlier segments just do them in LFR, the sigils should take 1-2 weeks, then 3-4 weeks for the secrets, then... well it totally depends on RNG but say 3-5 weeks for runestones.

    Other than that do LFR and try to get into Flexi. Don't let the silly ILVL some people demand fool you, it's not that hard. Oh and make sure you have enough charms.

    For lols? There's proving grounds (fun but fairly short), brawler's guild (fucking awesome but a bit class/gear dependant), pet battles (if you're into that, personally I love 'em), lorewalkers if you like listening to Lorewalker Cho's stories, noodle cart quest chain, warlock green fire chain (highly recommend)... I've probably forgotten some things.

    Oh if you like lore I also highly recommend doing the Krasarang daily rep enough to unlock all the story quests.

    P.S. Heroic scenarios - I think the gear is only 516 but you might get lucky and fill an empty slot. They're also fast VP and fun.
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    Hit 90 > Timeless Isle Farm to get 496 > LFR to 528 and go find Flex.

    U can get ready after hitting 90 for SOO LFR in 1 hour :P

    You should get your 1 guaranteed burden from the chest up top either by having the legendary cloak or using a glider and a flying mount from outside the zone and then get everything else 496 with those tokens. Proceed into SoO LFR, and normal / heroic ToT. Once you're about 520-530 you can start getting into flex 1, 2, and maybe 3 so soak up as much gear in there as you can. Once you reach 540-550 you should start trying to pug normal SoO as the first 11 bosses are very much puggable.

    It is not worth grinding timeless coins to purchase burden of eternity when you're undergeared. Your best bet is going to the monkey on the isle with your timeless coins and gambling on the chests he has in the room over and over where you can sometimes get lucky and get a burden of eternity or make good on coins.

    This is the end of the xpac though so its gonna be rough as hell trying to find a guild or even a pug with 0 experience in these raids. But good luck either way been there done that myself xD

    ps: the chat section of openraid.us is your friend.

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