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    Destro Crit/Haste Reforge Plot Question

    I ran a crit/haste reforge plot with amount=2000 and steps=100. I just want to make sure I'm reading this correctly.

    Here's the graph:

    My interpretation of this is that I can gain 261 sim DPS by dropping 100 crit in favor of 100 haste. Obviously, it's not a huge gain and one that would likely never be noticed in a real world situation. Additionally, I can see that by dropping 1200 crit in favor of 1200 haste, I will not see a sim DPS change at all.

    So, I guess I have two questions:
    1. Am I reading the graph correctly?
    2. Gaining 100 haste would put me at 6974 (16.17%) haste unbuffed and - according to AMR - 21.98% haste raid buffed. As far as I can tell, the nearest breakpoint for destro is at 10124 (~30%) haste. I'm obviously not at that point, so is there an explanation for the (very) slight increase in DPS at that haste level?

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    Might have to do something with the fact that by dropping 100 haste you won't see any reduced amount of spell casts on that simulation time. So if those 100 rating are just fodder, putting them to crit would be an obvious DPS gain.

    Say if you are only spamming Incinerate at 4500 haste, in 60 seconds you can do X amount of casts. Dropping 100 haste rating won't make you lose any Incinerates in those 60 seconds thus if you put those 100 points of haste into Crit, it would be a DPS gain if more of those Incinerates would crit.

    This is also very relevant to what Hunters have called "Shot-shifting", where reaching random numbers of haste can cause great fluctuations in haste's value if for some reason at X Haste Rating you get 1 additional auto attack off in the simulation time.

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    In this case, I would be gaining 100 haste rather than losing it, but I can see where you're coming from. So by gaining 100 haste, I may have pushed my haste to a point where I can get off one additional incinerate over the course of X seconds, accounting for the slight DPS gain?

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    It can be the case, but you should ignore these small steps and focus on the the actual jumps that can be several thousands happening at breakpoints.

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    Yah, that's what I figured - was just wanting to make sure I wasn't missing something glaringly obvious. Thanks!

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    If you raided the entire tier the difference might be one cast over the course of the entire SoO raid....its that small. At least compared to execution and RNG (especially with RPPM trinkets). Don't stress over it too much, just have fun, and do what the fight requires. When the gain/loss is such a small percentage of your total dps you can stop really worrying about things and focus in on the execution side of things. I promise the RNG gods will smite/favor you by an order of magnitude either way.

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    You´re reading it right, but the graph is wrong (or not accurate). Run the same sims multiple times and you´ll see that there´s a different graph everytime. The numbers are just way to small. focus on the big dps jumps, and ignore those little ones.
    I´m just going full mastery with haste and crit quite close to eachothers

    btw, everytime you´re making a reforge plot with simcraft, you should first of all select the max possibles numbers. I think it´s 8k reforge amount with 500 jumps if I remember correctly. After that you can see the important part of the reforge and focus on them by reforging to this point and doing another run with smaller numbers (I´d also do another run with big jumps after reforge, just to make sure it´s still the same dps gain)
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