View Poll Results: Would you pay to see WOW/ESport?

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  • Yes, I would pay $100 + to watch someone play WOW

    4 0.77%
  • Yes, I would pay $25 -$100 to watch someone play WOW

    2 0.39%
  • Yes, I would pay up $25 to watch someone play WOW

    15 2.90%
  • I would pay to watch an E-Sport just not WOW

    77 14.89%
  • I would watch if someone bought me a ticket

    75 14.51%
  • Indifferent

    71 13.73%
  • Would never watch someone play an E-Sport

    273 52.80%
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    I don't even pay to watch real sports. Deff not paying to watch e sports.

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    Nope, can watch youtube uploads or something for guidance/help or to know more about a game, but thats all.
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    I would never pay. Advertising is already there. Blizzard tends to charge for absolutely everything though, so it wouldn't happen.

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    I'm watching people play Starcraft 2 and I would be willing to pay for it....I sometimes enjoy watching DotA 2 or HoN....I like watching Hearthstone.

    But WoW is for me extremelly boring game to watch. (Arenas are probably the worst of it all) You see only bunch of numbers (I have an addon for those things and its not in the middle of the screen, because seriously...It's not important) and chaotic turning with camera.
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    ive never enjoyed watching others play videogames unless it was a playthrough of a game. Ive watched Halo 4 cinematics, God of War 3 cinematics(which I now refuse to ever play) and I watch ppl make choices in games, so i can get an idea of what to choose myself(mass effect a lot). But watching someone play an mmo would get really boring, really fast imo.

    I had a friend who used to play on a private server and would come over for hours at times and just watch me play wow, so he could learn how to play when he finally got his own unit. Always offered to let him make a character or play one of the many other games i had and he always just said "no i like watching you play, you're better" which i hate hearing that from friends.

    but nope, would never pay to watch someone play a game.

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    Wierd that so many people aren't ready to pay to watch something, when LFR is so popular and that is pretty much a watch and almost do nothing experience most times compared to even flex, and heroic raiding without even saying. But those LFR people are still paying their monthly subscriptions to "watch" the LFR bosses die, but they still aren't interested in paying to actually watch nonbraindead versions of boss kills or pvp, or other skilled games.

    Myself I see nothing bad in supporting a streamer or a tournament if you like the content they provide and you got the money.

    Valve for example has done amazing job with the Tournament tickets in Dota2, where tournaments have HD streamers for free, but the ingame observing (with you able to control the camera on your own or look at the casters camera, and also able to choose to listen to the commentators inside the gameclient if you want) is behind ticket that you purchase in the dota/steam store to unlock the ingame viewing and replays for said tournament. It is a model that gives good quality streams for those that are satisfied enough with a good stream, but if you want to really study how for example a certain player plays you can do that in the game client to observe him for the whole match if you want.

    And generally about e-sports a Quake match is awesome to watch if you got good a good commentator / analyst walking you through the thoughtprocess of why the players moving around the map in this direction / route and it is a shame that Quake is dieing because for me it is the best e-sport shooter there has ever been, but probably it is just way too hard for all the new generation of gamers so they just keep to their aimhelping CoD games on consoles, which has lead to Quake almost dissapearing completely out of e-sports (hopefully Reborn might bring the fast phase shooters back to their glory someday ^^)

    But WoW is a different beast now, because they are trying to balance 2 things at the same time (PvP and Raiding) and it won't ever work out, so both of the scenes suffer. Still an entertaining streamer can still be worth money, because for myself it is nice to see people interact to their chats and questions. When comparing to even reality TV shows you can't feel as connected to these people because of no back and forth discussions.

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    No, I wouldn't.

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    WoW is one of the games that is not worth watching ... playing maybe, watching not really. Personally I only watch reviews and videos that teach me stuff ... I don't need to learn anything about WoW. You have to learn static priority table ... and you have beaten WoW.
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    I don't even want to pay for WoW anymore, let alone pay to see someone else playing it.

    It actually applies to all sorts of eSports. I don't think it is interesting enough at this point in time. I personally believe that once Japan starts to develop some full-body virtual reality system or where the player controls some sort of gundam; that's where things would get interesting!

    It would be even better if fans of eSports could join in-game as spectators through the same VR kit. But I don't expect this to be coming anytime soon though.

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    I don't like WoW. But I would pay some money to see Day9 playing it.

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    I enjoy watching pro tournaments of certain games like Halo or Starcraft (not WoW, or any other MMO) but I would never pay to watch them.

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    If it was free I'd watch it. Pay? Hell no...
    WoW Videos!

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    The best part about games is to actually, you know, PLAY the game. I only watch playthroughs for commentary (after beating the game myself) and occasional walkthroughs if I'm really stuck.

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    No, watching someone else play video games is quite boring. I've only ever watched WoW clips for things like Leroy Jenkins and strategy videos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halyon View Post
    The best part about games is to actually, you know, PLAY the game.
    The best part about sports is to actually, you know, PLAY the sport ... oh wait. Kind of the same thing.

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    Not really no... not when I can watch it for free on twitch and other streams

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    Quote Originally Posted by Haywire5714 View Post
    The best part about sports is to actually, you know, PLAY the sport ... oh wait. Kind of the same thing.
    Yes, exactly the same thing.

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    I won't watch my friends play and that costs nothing.

    I want to play, not watch. I feel the same about sports, e or otherwise. I just can't get my head around the lets play phenomenon. Even street fighter tournaments do nothing for me. I can't empathize at all.

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    No. WoW isn't exactly spectator friendly, nor is it that interesting to watch.

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    Should separate wow from other esports...I'd never pay to watch someone play wow, but I might possibly maybe consider paying for another esport, maybe.

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