View Poll Results: Would you pay to see WOW/ESport?

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  • Yes, I would pay $100 + to watch someone play WOW

    4 0.77%
  • Yes, I would pay $25 -$100 to watch someone play WOW

    2 0.39%
  • Yes, I would pay up $25 to watch someone play WOW

    15 2.90%
  • I would pay to watch an E-Sport just not WOW

    77 14.89%
  • I would watch if someone bought me a ticket

    75 14.51%
  • Indifferent

    71 13.73%
  • Would never watch someone play an E-Sport

    273 52.80%
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    Back in my wow prime I probably would have, but now I'm more casual in my MMO gaming, I possibly wouldn't, partly as for the most part I doubt I'd fully be able to follow whats going on.

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    Haha no way, thats just silly. If you're going to spend money on WoW, play it yourself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darsithis View Post
    I personally wouldn't but I've never been a big sports or big e-sports fan.
    This describes my take on this.

    I don't even enjoy PvE kill-videos.

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    I would never pay to watch someone play WoW, but I have, and will gladly pay to watch someone play SC2 and sometimes even Dota 2.

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    Never WoW, no. Maybe Starcraft 2, but they'd have to group up all the major tournaments and offer a single subscription to the whole lot at 1080p. I *might* go for that, if it were say $5pcm for an annual subscription.

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    i "pay" by watching adds on say sc2 tournaments. i got recently realy into sc2 proplays (since blizzcon) and i have to say i realy like the big tournaments. the ones done online without a real "show" are not that great, but redbull battlegrounds was awesome.

    would i directly pay money to see that? hmmm depends. if the price is right, its not too far away, i would probably. but i would not pay to view it via stream

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    Quote Originally Posted by Novx View Post
    So it's safe to assume you don't pay for ANY sports channels on your TV broadcasting package? I can play basketball....can I play like Lebron? hell no...but it's fun to watch sports. It's the same as watching streams: You watch for the competition. Sure - you may be just as good as some of the players but it's about the competition and the entertainment involved in that and it allows you to learn by watching. Obviously with the rise of there isn't much need to pay for streams but entertainment is entertainment. I'd rather pay $20 for a 2 day entertainment stream rather than paying $20 for a move ticket, popcorn, and a drink which lasts for 2-2.5 hrs.
    I agree that it's about watching the competition and getting into it, just like a sport. For myself, I've always loved watching Halo tournaments. I'm very good at those games, good enough that I'd argue the majority of even the top pros don't have anything on me in terms of individual skill. But I still love watching it because of the teams I grow attached to, and the competition. It's also fun to see the different playstyles teammates have, and compare them to myself and my buddies. Then, I also enjoy watching Starcraft tournaments, but I'm terrible at that game. I've got a pretty good understanding of it on a strategic level, but utterly lack the mechanical skill to pull it off. So instead of comparing myself to the pros, like I would in Halo, I'm just blown away by how good these guys are. Not to mention that it's just a really good spectator game, especially with the right commentators.

    However, having said all of that, I'd still never pay to watch any of it. With so many free tournaments around, there's simply no reason to. And I don't watch people streaming themselves playing on Twitch, only tournaments. Well, besides the occasional hot girl I see while browsing for tournament streams and want a better view of. Followed by, in some cases, looking up her strip tease that everyone's talking about in chat. I'm likely not the only person here who knows who I'm referring to...

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    To answer that in the most blunt way possible:

    HAHAHAHAHA... HAHAHAHA... oh wait, you're serious.



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    WoW? no but I have paid for SC2 before and will do so in the future if I find the tournament worth paying for. I have been competitive StarCraft fan since forever.

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    I would pay for ZiQo to get back into streaming reguarly. Or maybe if there was a big Blizzcon-like tournament nearby where I live (not a chance for that to happen). Otherwise no. LoL E-sport is so much better in every aspect because the E-sport fanbase is like 1000 times bigger. Not to say that I didn't enjoy watching arena tournaments back in Wotlk when it was at its height.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wildtree View Post
    Shitty polls are just that, shitty...

    If you open a poll with bias right from the start, then simply don't bother making one..
    If you make a poll for the purpose of needing others approval of your own views, then get out and get some kind of RL accomplishment done..

    It's a huge step from "I don't want to pay for someone playing WoW", to "I would never watch someone playing an eSport".

    One has nothing to do with the other......

    And Nope, I would not pay for someone playing WoW.
    I'd rather give my money to some organization that fights disease and obesity, instead of spending it on something that promotes it.
    So it's a shitty poll because I worded the last option poorly? Really?

    Yes it should have been I would never pay but I think people have figured that out, at least most people =)

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by Ranganathan View Post
    Need an extra option: Would watch, but would never pay.
    That's really the same as I watch if someone bought me a ticket.

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    Why pay if I can watch it for free? I love football and I don't pay to watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dryankem View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranganathan View Post
    Need an extra option: Would watch, but would never pay.
    That's really the same as I watch if someone bought me a ticket.
    Not necessarily. For example, I would possibly be interested depending on what it is, but I would never pay, and I wouldn't want anyone to pay for me to watch it either.

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    lots of people are spamming about their internet streams in trade chat lately. i guess they are desperate for attention?

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    I like playing games - really generally interested in watching other people play games.

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    I enjoy watching cs/quake/cod e-sports events, but paying to watch? Then e-sports will lose alot of viewers. They get covered by ads anyway.

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