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    no luck for me too my mate won it already 3 times

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    confirmed , theres not a single set int the game that can make spacegoats male look good , not even this amazing wolf set.

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    up to about 25 kill so far and no set

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    15 kills in flex 13 kills in normal...still nothing

    havent seen it drop for anyone else when ive been in there either

    also been double coining it every week

    hate this fucking game

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    3 kills flex, no drop :P

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    the RNG on this is beyond retarded. Im yet to see it but our healing shaman has had it drop for him 5 times now.

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    So far, I have

    15 heroic kills
    1 normal kill
    13 flex kills

    And still no transmog set.

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    32 Kills...

    And nothing

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    2 kills each of flex and normal thus far (just started back playing first week of this month), no go so far. Makes me sad, because I want this set even moreso than the CM set.

    The fun part, though, will be figuring out how to make room for both sets. Currently my bank and void storage are full; bank is fully slotted with royal satchels, too. Eh, first WoW problems. :P

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    Week 8 in Flex only, and still no drop.

    Sub ends after next week so cross your fingers everybody! One more shot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Futhark View Post
    Week 8 in Flex only, and still no drop.

    Sub ends after next week so cross your fingers everybody! One more shot!
    Good luck, but if you get it before me I'll cry
    20 kills so far
    5 flex, 14 normal, 1 heroic, and nada.

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    35 kills! got it!.

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    Had 2 flex kills before I got it on my first normal kill. I actually like T16 LFR for transmog though, but for my resto set I use it

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    I ended up getting it on normal. Not sure how many times it had been. I'd say 12 or so. Looks pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

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    Still waiting...but I did acquire my totem bazooka set (aka CM set) to tide me over until then. :x

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    Every week since the damn thing came out, no luck.

    I comicly/catharticly would like to open a ticket to complain.
    Response printed on recycled electrons.

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    14 heroic, 3 normal, 10 flex

    it's not real!

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    9001 kills on flex normal heroic still no set, fuck logic

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    Flex+Normal+heroic kills=36 kills in total and no xmog set.
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