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    Progressing on Garrosh - Haste or Mastery?

    Unfortunately the gear gods have not been to kind to me for some items so I have had to make do with what I have received (20% HIT, SIGH....) but tbh there better than ToT gear.... BUT generally can you guys have a quick look at me on armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...KRAFT/advanced
    and Advise me what stats I should be aiming for, for Garrosh.

    As you can see I have gone pretty much all out Mastery on my gear and although I can hit perfectly fine numbers I believe haste is better for single target, and as we really really want to kill Garrosh before Christmas a little advice would be appreciated!

    We can get i him to 20% in p2 but then fall over so just trying to get every once of dmg I can.

    Thank you
    Kamkraft - Ele Shaman

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    Okay so just having a look at your gear, from what i can see you are doing right, in the mastery over haste
    As the legendary meta makes it possible + the passive amount of haste you get from gear,

    Unfortunately Your hit is very high, but looking over it i can't see how you can improve it.

    In terms of talents though, your better off running UF, as with the haste and mastery you have, it strikes a better balance as you are getting more LvB and LB's out, and as such buffing your damage, single target,

    Glyph wise, you'd probably be better off running Spiritwalker's Grace, Chain Lightning, and Lightning Shield, Having a macro set with SwG and Ascendance, will mean that you can spam cast while moving, and the extra duration, allows you to hard cast any after ascendance if your have one left over.

    Personally, i Run with Totemic Persistance, so that in the raid if required, i can drop multiple water totems, and or earth totems, i.e Healing stream and Healing tide, if thats when my cooldown is to be used. Also Stone Bulwark, while your earth ele is out in phase 2, (before little adds) if a cd is needed, while your ele whacks away at the boss.

    Hope this helps out, in whatever way possible
    P.E is almost useless as the nerf it recieved has gimped it for Ele, Enhance and resto are still fine to use it though.

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    I would personally use a little bit more haste than you currently have, but that's up to you and your sim. I feel comfortable at around 12k haste, but all mine is passive from gear unlike yours. For talents I use UF on Garrosh because outside the first phase it's mainly a single target fight, some people will say use EB, but that's up to personal preference.

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    Ok thank you for your responses.....TBH My lvl 90 talent is changed on a boss to boss basis and it just happened to be left on PE.....

    BUT what I can tell, generally sticking with Mastery is still better over Haste. Brilliant thank you!
    Kamkraft - Ele Shaman

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    Your Reforge plot for using UF on Light Movement fight, 5000 units at 250 per step:

    The apex point appears to be around +2750 Haste.

    Here's your Hectic Add Cleave plot:

    Once again, dropping 2500 mastery in favor of 2500 haste results in an increase in your dps, even for multi-target.

    Despite the fact that both graphs show that haste is a massive improvement, you shouldn't gem straight haste either, as you can see in both graphs there is a decline for you after the 2500 mark (more substantial in the AOE one). You have so neglected your haste that you are hurting your dps substantially as a result of it (by about 1%). Swap 8 of your 320 mastery gems for 8 320 haste gems. Don't be afraid to have some haste and some mastery gems, more than likely you're going to want some of each.

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    Thanks for running a sim Jimmy..... That has helped .
    Got Garrosh to 10% in p3 last night so should be a kill next raid.... Will try the 8 haste gems and see how that takes me.
    Kamkraft - Ele Shaman

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    your gear is fine

    should be int on bracers.

    i like PE for garrosh, just because of all the CL in p1. but your talent choice shouldn't make much difference.

    you have enough haste. maybe you could get slightly more dps on him if you increased haste a bit, but i don't think it's worth reforging/gemming etc.

    edit: what wiped you at 10%. you didn't get interupts off on the MCs? swapping all your gems for 1% more dps isn't going to help that.

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    Nopee we got interuots sorted.... are issue was we still had hero CD from pull so we killed ut alot quicker than we expected (was first night trying 2 heals). And then we hit about 12 % and people didnt spread quick enough for empowered swirl and half the raid died to puddles. Think it was the excitment of first time p3... :/

    Edit: I also decided to use PE it felt good for burst in other realm and on adds at start......

    - - - Updated - - -


    Might help if im doing something wrong..... fs uptime is a little low but I dont bother applying to adds so assume thsts why?
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    I can't say I condone using Primal Elementalist, especially with the intent to pad damage in P1.

    The adds in P1 usually get over-dps'd as it is, and with the lack of damage on Garrosh, you'll be extending P1 more than you should.

    Also, with the level of gear people generally have nowadays, I wouldn't pop heroism at the start of the fight and I'd save it for P3 (since that's the hardest part of the fight).

    I'd personally use Elemental Blast if I was you, though Unleashed Fury would do just as well. Treat this as a purely single target fight (since that's all that matters); once you worry less about how much damage you can pad off the adds and more about how much quicker you can burn Garrosh through phases, you'll kill the boss.
    You can pad the boss as much as you want on farm!

    Btw, your log is private.
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    We realise that now and wont be using hero at pull again.... Maybe I will play with EB / UF again then see how I go... Deep down I know PE isnt the best of the 3 but it just seemed to be working for me.

    Log shoukd be public now
    Kamkraft - Ele Shaman

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    Our group always found it more useful to pop hero during P2, so as to avoid extra add phases. When we were working on it the first time, we found that if we saved Hero for P3, there was almost always a whirl going off right before our transition. As a result, we decided to wait for the first MC to come out, then pop hero and burn during the whirlwinds that don't require movement. While it's true that P3 is the hardest part of the fight, at least that section doesn't require killing adds and the boss, and anything you can do to avoid adds being alive when he's at 10% is helpful so that you can pile on damage while he's transforming. To this day, when I run a flex with an open raid I often find it best to suggest this. There have been a couple flexes in which the same problem I just mentioned occurred, and using hero during P2 provided the most benefit.

    PE's timing just doesn't work well with this fight. While it's nice to have the high damage potential at the start of P3, the likelihood you have it up at that point is low. Using PE for the "other world" phase is just a complete waste (unless you mean having earth ele out to reduce damage taken).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamkraft View Post
    We realise that now and wont be using hero at pull again.... Maybe I will play with EB / UF again then see how I go... Deep down I know PE isnt the best of the 3 but it just seemed to be working for me.

    Log shoukd be public now
    Thanks, I'll get down to looking through rotation once I finish work.

    In regards to heroism and the comment below, when the boss pushes 10% in phase 2 he obviously starts transitioning into phase 3 (and does some 10 second roleplay stuff). You should aim to just finish breaking MC's and then push him into his transition (even if this means stopping DPS on him when he's at 12% to wait for the MC's - even though his HP don't change whilst he's 'transitioning' he still loses the health you took off him after he finishes his rp stuff). You should pop heroism at this point (just as he starts transitioning) with the ranged stood where they plan to spawn the next weapon; this gives you ~20 seconds of literally standing still and zerging the absolute hell out of him.

    Also, usually when the boss is low (sub 10% in phase 3), you probably shouldn't bother with the add's anymore (STILL CONCENTRATE ON THE MC'S THOUGH!) and just have a tank pick them up after they are spawned - no-one should AoE at this point since it'll lead to a rather swift wipe.

    Good luck on the kill!

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